Print receipts and other sales documents on both thermal and traditional printers with Printer

The application lets you print receipts and sales documents by integrating with the IdoSell WMS. This means you can print the documents from within the administration panel, POS point of sale terminals, and Scanner data collectors. Printer supports most popular printing devices.

Printer – what is it for?

Logotyp od IAI Printer
Printer is an application used for printing receipts on thermal printers as well as other sales documents on traditional printers

Once installed on a computer, the application listens for print requests from Scanner and POS devices as well as the shop's administration panel, and directs them to the appropriate printer. Printer configuration and other settings (e.g. IP address, port number) are available in a clear graphical user interface.

Printer functionality

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Devices supported by the Printer application

Printer cooperates, among others, with Innova fiscal printers
Printer cooperates with the most popular "fiscal printers" in Poland: Innova Profit EJ, Novitus Deon, Novitus Delio, Novitus HD E, Posnet Thermal, Posnet Temo, Elzab Omega, Elzab Mera Elzab ZETA.

See full list of supported fiscal printers

Printer cooperates among others with a thermal printer Nova LX label printer
Printer is compatible with all commercially available thermal printers and standard inkjet and laser printers. From the thermal printers we recommend the device Nova LX, on which we work every day and test implementations prepared for you.

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