Interesting IdoSell case studies

IdoSell supports thousands of online stores and omnichannel businesses. Here are some interesting case studies of how some of our clients leverage our cutting edge SaaS ecommerce solutions to grow their business.

Over the past three years, became one of the leading online coffee stores in Poland, with tens of thousands of customers praising their product quality and service."IdoSell keeps being improved with new features and solutions designed to help store owners like us with their day-to-day processes. To be honest, almost all of our business processes are now handled on a single platform"- says Grzegorz Bienko, owner of [Read more]

SaaS ecommerce is the perfect solution for dynamic, growing businesses - this was also the case for a furniture shop, which already had a misadventure with open source software. "The zFABRYKI.PL ecommerce project can be described as a phoenix rising from the ashes. Ashes full of countless "all-encompassing" plugins and custom built addons thrown into a Magento-based platform."- says Wojciech Zygmuntowski from [Read more]

Our choice of IdoSell was dictated by some very important aspects. Above all, we all wanted to base our business on a system with a modern and versatile engine. One that would not require changes or updates should our turnover increase from a few dozen to several thousand orders per month.- says Jan Maciantowicz,'s Brand Manager. [Read more] followed the same path as many other online fashion businesses. Initially, they were selling through marketplaces, then through their own bespoke, open source solution, then as the business started picking up - they migrated to the stable, yet powerful IdoSell platform. Recently we broke the record – the time between placing an order and preparing parcel for shipment was 16 minutes! It is an amazing time, taking into account the number of incoming orders. - says Agnieszka Romanowicz from [Read more]