Expansion to foreign markets - the reason for migration to IdoSell - the history of the Betelli store

"Migration to IdoSell was directly linked to plans of expansion to foreign markets. Shoper did not offer us development opportunities. At IdoSell we had several possible variants to start selling abroad. The service gave us the opportunity to manage the warehouse, prices, currencies, domains, settlements in one place in different configurations. It was important to us. By the way, we also migrated toa built-in WMS sytem. Our accountants obtain data directly from the IdoSell. IdoSell was also better in SEO analysis, what was also very important.” - Olaf Furmanek, the owner of the Betelli store

Betelli - Better Life - 
the main idea of ​​the brand - Better life
About the Betelli store

Betelli began operating in the second half of the 1990s. It sells footwear that gives men more confidence. How all this started and where did the idea for such a business come from - tells Olaf Furmanek, the owner of the Betelli. "The idea arose from the need of a person who, due to their business contacts, needed to add some self-confidence and a few centimeters when it comes to height. However, before we were able to design the perfect shoe, a lot of time passed. We started mass sales when the product was perfectly polished. We have also seen that others started to take similar actions. We focused on quality, that's why our shoes are unique. We use only natural materials, which distinguishes our shoes from similar businesses - for example, we use the cork inserts only. It was an impulse to move on and undertake some serious steps - we immediately set off in e-commerce."

Ocena sklepu na platformie IdoSell

How do you evaluate the operation of your store on the basis of IdoSell?

"After migrating to IdoSellShop and two years of working on it, can definitely recommend it. The service met our expectations. The platform was to ensure focus on the product,marketing, and not on IT matters related to the store." - Olaf Furmanek, the owner of Betelli

plusy bycia na SaaS

What are the advantages of functioning in the SaaS model?

"Of course, with this model, we have to make some compromises with the supplier, so it's not perfect. But what is? With our own servers and IT support would not be better, we know it after other projects. The development of the IdoSell service for various stores allows us to use existing solutions. The store is a transaction platform, a sales tool, is to meet our expectations and work for the company." - Olaf Furmanek

migracja i wdrożenie

How do you rate the look of your online store? What do you like best?

"Our own graphic design we had before, was quite similar to RWD Fashion. We used it with our vision for the appearance of the store. From the modification analysis Basic package was enough for us to introduce changes. So far, the design works perfectly." - Olaf Furmanek

What we did as part of redesign and migration for the Betelli store:

Największe wyzwania w trakcie migracji i wdrożenia sklepu internetowego dla Betelli

What were the biggest challenges during the migration and implementation of the Betelli store?

"The customer did most of the work - import of products, configuration of additional languages, domains and currencies. From the customer's perspective, it was certainly a challenge to master these activities, using phone and technical support. This shows, however, that even a relatively small team is able to almost independently implement low-cost dedicated store on six different markets, with one central administration panel." - Joachim Tumanowicz, Project Manager in IdoSell

What is your recipe for success?

"We operate in a niche, we have a unique product. We focus on product development and communication with clients. We work with the best service providers, outsourcing activities to professionals, focusing on the business aspects that are important."- Olaf Furmanek

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