IdoSell customers' opinions

In this section we present real stories of real shop owners who have real needs. If you want to join this list as yet another successful company, see what our customers have to say about IdoSell.

For many customers opening the IdoSell shop means taking first steps in ecommerce business. Others feel that their current ecommerce solution does not meet their requirements. Among our clients there are also owners of popular brick-and-mortar stores who decided to expand the activities with online sales. Read stories of different people who share the common goal.

Thames Mobile

IdoSell is an online ecommerce solution which offers everything necessary to conduct effective, safe and scalable Internet sales. Our store adapts to mobile devices, enabling us to reach a wider array of clients. What is more, the many integrations available, especially with eBay and Amazon, allow us to implement our strategy of acquiring traffic and customers from various channels. A built-in IdoSell warehouse management system system enabled us to finally resign from expensive external systems, and the fact that it is an integral part of IdoSell makes it quick, stable and reliable. As a result, we have fewer complaints and product returns, and those that we do receive can be easily and efficiently handled thanks to functionality available in the administration panel. In addition to retail customers, we also support businesses who regularly use our online B2B system, which is also a part of IdoSell. Our business, as well as customer base started to grow quickly. That is why we are planning to launch a loyalty program in the near future and we know that IdoSell is perfect for this purpose. We wholeheartedly recommend IdoSell to any company looking to start their own online store. ~ Mr. Yahya Kouhestani