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Warsaw-based Vert S.C. company is the owner of The store has very extensive, personalized graphics and a wide range of products (over 3,000), which is constantly expanding. Graphic design (design, logo and design development) was prepared by IdoSell .
Sales in the store have been conducted since 2000, so a lot of data on transactions was stored in databases. The database stores the history of tens of thousands products, several thousand transactions and several thousand customers. Every day the store is visited by over 5000 unique visitors. Such data volumes enable deep sales and market trend analysis, allowing the owners to understand what a good system automating your work can do. On average, each product has 3 photos of high quality and large size. Everything is running smoothly and quickly.

In the shop you can check the operation of for example credit card payments, a special navigation mechanism, prepayment (various forms of payment including printed transfers), favorite products, profiled shipments abroad, various kinds of special offers, search engine, size and stock level control mechanism, the ability to track order completion process and shipments by the customer.

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