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ICDF XML structure

The XML notation of ICDF is recommended for automatic data exchange.

The main, required node of the structure is products. All child elements of this node represent the shopping cart contents. The products node can be part of any other element which forms an envelope. In the example, the envelope is formed by the order element.

order - product set envelope (optional)
products - main node, contains the collection of products
products.product - product element, parameters:
products.product@code - product code (in the ecommerce system)
products.product@codeType - product code type: internal, producer, external
products.product@quantity - information about the quantity of a given product
products.product.comment - product comments, created by the customer (optional)
products.product.attachments - main node containing product attachments, added by the customer (optional)
products.product.attachments.attachment - attachment element
products.product.attachments.attachment.file - Base64 encoded file attachment - attachment name
products.product.products - internal collection of products, used e.g. when the main product element is a set or a collection of products
products.product.products.product - internal product element, parameters:
products.product.products.product@code -product code (in the ecommerce system)
products.product.products.product@codeType - product code type: internal, producer, external

ICDF enabled exchanging shopping cart content data

ICDF shopping cart data can be exchanged as CSV, or as the more structured XML (recommended). CSV can be used when the data does not contain information about attachments and when the cart does not contain products sets / collections.

1. Example ICDF XML structure

Download the sample XML file here: .

2. Example ICDF CSV structure (simple mode)



  • SKU - product code in the system (internal)
  • quantity - numeric product quantity
  • comments - customer remarks

3. Example ICDF CSV structure (extended mode)



  • SKU - product code in the system (internal)
  • quantity - numeric product quantity
  • comments - customer remarks
  • product_code - manufacturer code, e.g. EAN-13
  • external_code - external system code
  • display_code - code displayed on the product details page
  • size - size name (deprecated)
  • name - product name (deprecated)

ICDF in dropshipping

In addition to exchanging shopping cart content data, the ICDF format can be used for dropshipping order handling. In IdoSell you can find ICDF being used in: