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What is the ICDF standard?

Internet Cross-docking and Dropshipping FormatInternet Cross-docking and Dropshipping Format (ICDF) is a standard designed by IAI S.A., used for dropshipping data interchange, based on the Creative Commons license. ICDF includes an XML and CSV data format specification as well as a dedicated SOAP API for exchanging data. ICDF lets you clearly define an order structure, together with basket and product information. This enables efficient order data interchange between systems, e.g. for orders placed by a retail client in an online shop to an external B2B store (which is a typical dropshipping scenario).

By design, the ICDF data format is clear and intuitive. The main goal here is to streamline the process of communication between online retail and wholesale stores, reduce the number of errors and automate repeatable tasks. ICDF in combination with the Internet Offer Format is a comprehensive toolset for building ecommerce integrations between systems operating in the cross-docking and dropshipping models.

  • in its basic form (CSV), ICDF includes essential order data, together with products and their quantities.
  • in its comprehensive form (XML), ICDF enables handling customer notes and file attachments. The XML format also allows for transferring data of products combined into sets and collections.

What can be achieved with ICDF?

ICDF is by default supported by all shops on the IdoSell platform. It enables:
Accepting dropshipping orders by a wholesale store, with the use of AJAX endpoints, by allowing external clients to:

  • validate whether products are in stock
  • create a shopping basket with the required products, sets collections
  • place a dropshipping order by providing the end-customer billing and shipping information, delivery method and time preferences

Improved support for the cross-docking sales model by allowing for automatic product availability at supplier validation during the order placement process, with the use of AJAX endpoints.

Creating dedicated integration solutions based on CustomerAPI-ICDF, which on top of the functionality provided by the AJAX endpoints allows for:

  • retrieving the list of couriers supported by the supplier
  • confirming the order status
  • managing existing end-customer billing and shipping data

ICDF format specification

You can find the full specification here: Internet Cross-docking and Dropshipping Format (ICDF) Specification

View the ICDF specification

Examples of ICDF usage under different scenarios:

Are you a developer? Make use of the ICDF standard today!

If you are a developers working on building ecommerce integrations revolving around dropshipping and cross-docking, consider using the ICDF standard.

In order to prepare wholesale store for dropshipping order handling start by making yourself familiar with the dropshipping introduction site, then have a look at the documentation of AJAX endpoints that enable dropshipping order placement.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the further development of the ICDF standard, please contact us.