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Does IdoSell offer importing customers along with personal data on the basis of SQL database dumps, XML and CSV files?

Yes, IdoSell offers import of this type of data. This process is performed by IdoSell programmers. Before the import, the customer sends via ticket a fragment of the data file (dropping the corresponding tables from the database) or provides access data to the database, and the team of specialists will examine whether the data is suitable for import. If so, a paid task will be designated, which acceptance by the customer equals the import permission.

If some of the data will not be able to be transferred (.g. the zip code will not be in XX-XXX format or there will be errors in the e-mail address structure provided by clients during registration), pieces of data will need to be improved by the customer, so that they meet the import requirements and a separate paid order for importing this data will be made.

Is it possible to import data from an existing store? Can I import product database myself into the panel?

Usually, we can import products from the existing store. Such a solution is recommended for those customers who have at least several hundred items in their database, because the use of import will save dozens of hours spent on completing the offer of a new store. Of course, we must consider that we are only able to import information that is actually in the database or in the form of files (usually photos). If there is no specific information in the database, we will not be able to reconstruct them automatically. Such data will have to be added manually after import.

It is important to remember that, for example, images in the top of the store or stored in the form of graphics, as well as various information, such as contact details, are not treated as data. We do not transfer them as a part of the standard implementation - the same applies to settings regarding the prices of parcels, contact details, company and users of the administration panel data. Generally speaking, any data that the store owner can independently determine as part of the configuration of the administration panel are not included in the import.

In order for us to be able to perform the import, we need access data, preferably FTP and access data to the database or administration tool (e.g. phpMyAdmin). These data can be sent by a message addressed to the sales department with a request for import. We recommend the import to be carried out at the earliest after design approval stage so that the requirements regarding navigation, size of texts and photos are known.

Regarding the import of customer data, the answer is not so clear-cut. We often encounter an obstacle in the form of encrypted user passwords. This means that even when importing this data, customers will not be able to log in to their existing accounts. Therefore, you should consider importing only the email address database, which is the most valuable and useful data set in the old store. If you used individual discount levels for customers, e.g. in exchange for large purchases, we suggest importing only this selected group of customers, during which we will generate new passwords and send automatic e-mails with your content, informing about the new login and password. Importing customers who did not make purchases or do not have any discounts may cause difficulties in using the store, because customers usually do not read e-mails sent in the past and informing about new access data, and later have difficulty logging i, so they use the password reminder option.

The fee for the import is calculated as for other services in accordance with the IdoSell price list for every half hour that has been started. Usually, importing products from stores based on such solutions as Sote, Shoper, Sun Web and OsCommerce do not exceed 8-10 working hours (59 USD net per hour). The import fee is added, as in the case of all additional services, to the nearest subscription (usually the first, in the case of a new store).

Please note that importing data other than products or discounts assigned to customers is not a necessary activity. Usually simple store systems do not provide too much valuable analytical information. Therefore, for the purposes of considering complaints, you may think about maintaining an old store in a minimal hosting plan or until the end of the hosting period, or downloading data to a local computer disk in the company, or even installing a PHP + MySQL environment on a local computer from Windows (e.g. Zend Core ).

Being an IdoSell user, you can import products into the administration panel yourself. You can do this by using the IAI Downloader application. Having an offer in CSV or XML files, you can easily import it into the panel through the built-in column mapping mechanism from a CSV file or tags from an XML file into individual attributes of products. What's more, if after importing products there are any changes to the files you have prepared, thanks to the synchronization mechanism, the offer in the panel will be automatically updated. Learn more about IAI Downloader.

If you want to check the ability of importing and consult this issue before ordering the store, we encourage you to contact with the sales department.

Does the software offer import of products (photos, descriptions)? Is there an API or communication mechanism with external systems?

Yes, IdoSell allows you to import products to the panel. The size of offer files is not limited. With a database of products exported to XML or CSV files, you can import it quickly and easily using IAI Downloader. This program can also update the offer with changes made in the offer files. The update can include any parameters of the products, including long descriptions and photos that are imported by providing links to external files - providing their URL (Internet address). The IdoSell system will download files, process them and put them in the right place in the database.

Import and export can also be done through embedded APIs based on the SOAP protocol. Access to the documentation is possible only for logged in users in Department for developers. The API is a much more modern solution and allows you to import more information than in the case of CSV or XML files. The API is recommended for developers and third-party developers.

Still another, the mechanism recommended by us, which requires the purchase of an additional license, is the use of a special mode of the auxiliary application IAI Bridge. This application can export the product offer files in IOF from the integrated FA program that you import into the panel using the IAI Downloader application.