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Why a Customer API?

Aiming to support various integration scenarios and make developers' life easier, IdoSell provides multiple, specialised APIs, each with its own functionality:

  1. Administration Panel API - externalises the IdoSell administration panel functionality. This API lets you carry out the same operations an administration panel user would be able to, which means it provides full control over a shop. It is therefore not ideal to grant access to the administration panel API e.g. to an external client who would only like to place orders in the shop, as it comes with risk that such client erroneously / maliciously modifies an order.
  2. CustomerAPI - exposes the same functionality a standard shop customer has. This API was designed to allow for full checkout process automation and to enable external clients to place automatic orders securely. Clients can authenticate with the CustomerAPI using the same credentials they use to access the standard shop. It is secure because it separates out critical order handling stages, such as status changes and payment processing. It also allows for a greater level of user segregation.

Customer API for dropshipping order handling

One of the greatest advantages of CustomerAPI-ICDF is its ability to fully automate dropshipping processes between suppliers and their clients. The API comes equipped with tools to handle the following:

  • verifying product availability at supplier, at the point of an end customer placing an order in a related internet store
  • transferring the list of products ordered by the end customer to the supplier
  • placing a dropshipping order by providing the following information:
    • end customer address
    • preferred delivery method
    • billing data of the shop placing the order
  • retrieving a list of all delivery methods the supplier offers - this lets client shops mirror the same options in their own offers
  • retrieving a list of delivery methods available for a particular order - the list of products and the delivery address are taken into account
  • retrieving an up to date order status at the supplier
  • managing end customer data a client shop already provided to a supplier

Sample dropshipping order flow you can achieve by utilising IdoSell's CustomerAPI-ICDF:

IdoSell Shop dropshipping

How do I start?

Would you like to try CustomerAPI out? Have a look at the few points below to get started with testing CustomerAPI in your own sandbox, after registering as a developer:

  • Communication via CustomerAPI should begin with the Authenticate endpoint. You will need a client [login] (standard customer account login in the supplier's system) and a [systemKey]. After a successful authentication, the endpoint will respond with a [sessionKey], which you can use for subsequent requests. The [systemKey] parameter is structured as: (sha1(date('YYYYMMDD') . sha1('customer password')
    • The [sessionKey] is valid for 15 minutes, after which time you need to generate a new one
    • Subsequent requests to CustomerAPI dropshipping endpoints can be authenticated by using the [sessionKey] and the [dropshippingKey]. The [dropshippingKey] is set in the administration panel, under ADMINISTRATION / Dropshipping and cross-docking
    • Maximum allowed request size is 10 MB
    • Remember - as a supplier using IdoSell, you need to activate dropshipping order handling in your administration panel in order to let external clients use CustomerAPI to place orders.

You are now ready to start!

View the detailed CustomerAPI documentation and learn its full potential