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How to export template form the to a ICF file?

To export selected element, go to its edition and click on Export to ICF button. It is usually placed in page top. Remember! If you want to export any element and made changes in it, save them first and export it afterwards.

How to import template from ICF file to the

To import selected element, go to its edition and find ICF import button. Click on it and system will ask you to select file to import. If your panel has multiple languages set, you will be asked to also select language, for which you upload template.

Is using the ICF-related functions and ICF format itself free?

ICF is completely free and terms&conditions of its use are described in its specification. Using format-related functions in panel is free from additional charges and has no quantity limits.

Can I create ICF files myself and import them to the later?

Of course. Just familiarize yourself with ICF specifications. If you are the panel user, you do not have to create ICF files manually - just create template in panel and export it as a xml file in ICF format.

Can I transfer elements between stores in panel and multiple panels using the ICF tools?

Of curse. It is one of the main reasons we have implemented ICF format. Just utilize the Export to ICF and ICF import options.

Does ICF support language-based information?

Yes. ICF structure allows to determine language of indicated template. You can also set the undefined language. More information on this subject can be found in format specification.

Can I make any changes to ICF files downloaded from the

Of course. Simple structure and XML-based format allow to edit file easily. Remember, that all changes should be compliant with its specification. Administration panel will not import files with incorrect or damaged structure.