Dynamic ads thanks to Facebook Product Catalogs

Thanks to Facebook Product Catalogs, you can create precise and effective dynamic ads tailored to the right audience.

Product Catalogs (Facebook Product Catalog) is a service on Facebook that allows you to create multiple lists of products (called "catalogs" in Facebook), through which you can promote a given set of products. By dividing your offer into catalogs, you can reach customers more precisely than in the Facebook Product Ads service. This is because Facebook Product Catalogs use a wide range of dynamic ad mechanism options.

Dynamic Product Ads are ads that display promoted products depending on what the user viewed on your store's website. Thanks to them, you can recover abandoned baskets or encourage users who have visited your store to return and buy through dynamic remarketing. This will save you time, because you create your ad once and the products will be changed automatically depending on the interests of your potential customer. If a potential customer goes to your store and views the selected product but does not buy it, then thanks to dynamic ads the given product will be shown again. Please note that in order for an advertising campaign to be more effective, it requires observation and optimization, so that you can precisely tailor the ads to the appropriate audience. Using the appropriate settings on Facebook, you can decide whether you want to present users with products from a given catalog, which they have already seen but bought them, or show them completely new products from this catalog. In addition, after dividing products into sets, you can take advantage of cross-selling - if the viewer bought products from one of the sets of products, you can present them products from another set.

Additionally, you can sort your products into sets, which is a great solution for stores with a large assortment. This will make it easier for you to tailor products to the interests of your potential future customer. You can additionally choose to which group of customers you want to promote a given catalog, depending on what they have done in your store. You will use the option in Facebook Use information from a pixel or application to create a group for retargeting. You can also promote your products as a collection format that will be displayed on mobile devices. All you need to do is select the template on Facebook in they should be displayed.

Benefits of using Product Catalogs on Facebook:

Your products are presented using a dynamic ad mechanism
By sorting your products into catalogs, you can prepare a precise and effective advertising campaign tailored to the right audience
Thanks to the dynamic advertising mechanism, the products in the advertisement change dynamically depending on the user's interests. In Facebook directory settings, you can specify whether the user should see items that they have already viewed or new from the given catalog.
By preparing an advertisement in the form of a set, you can easily promote a given set of products, such as: "Summer 2018/2019"
Thanks to presenting the catalog in the collection format, you can easily present your goods on mobile devices
You have control over the products displayed in your advertising campaigns
You can create a catalog for different languages and countries
You can link the catalog to the company profile on Instagram
You can also promote your company and products on Messenger

Meta Pixel in integration with Facebook Catalogs

For correct integration with Facebook catalogs, it is necessary to have the appropriate "Meta Pixel", i.e. additional JavaScript code that must be properly configured and added.

Meta Pixel allows you to monitor user activities in your store. Thanks to it you get to know the behavior and preferences of your clients. It also allows you to measure the effectiveness of ads, so you can reach the people you care about with your ad. To enable the Meta Pixel code you must enter its number in the location MARKETING AND INTEGRATIONS /Facebook/Facebook Product Ads and Meta Pixel.

Thanks to IAI and Facebook partnership, you can be sure that the Meta Pixel code ensures correct and full integration with the tools available currently and it will be so in the future. Therefore, if you have added the Meta Pixel code yourself, be sure to switch to the built-in solution.

Learn how to run the integration of Product Catalogs on Facebook