Advertise your products to the right audience thanks to Facebook Product Ads

Facebook Product Ads let you efficiently present your products on Facebook. The advertisements will be tailored to the right audience and will be based based on customer purchase history in your shop.

With Facebook Product Ads, you can present your customers with a specific offer on Facebook, which is based on a pre-generated list of products and intelligence data gathered by the Meta Pixel Code installed in your shop. This modern, new social media functionality, which integrates Marketing Automation principles with Facebook, allows you to present your products to the internet community quickly and efficiently.

How do the Meta Pixel Code and Facebook Product Ads work?

After installing the pixel code in your shop, Facebook users' behaviour (viewing products, buying, adding them to the basket etc.) will be tracked. Later, when visiting Facebook, those customers will be presented with tailored offers enticing them to return to your store. List of products presented to them will be based on their history in your shop. The entire list of products available for Facebook is generated by your shop, in the Facebook Product Ads format, automatically.

Facebook emphasizes that this new marketing method gives shop owners access to multiple tools for making their communication with customers more personal. It is possible, for example, to make certain products, such as the most popular amongst all customers, or those bought most recently, stand out in the ad. You can also manually configure:

  • demographics of users certain products should be shown to, e.g. only women
  • specific criteria: location, interests
  • reminders of products in abandoned carts
  • displaying of ads only to customers who had already visited your shop (Dynamic Product Ads)
  • different ad layouts, e.g. single, or multiple products in the window

Facebook Product Ads and Pixel Code advantages for shops with a large assortment of products

  • unique ads are generated automatically, without the need to manually configure every single one
  • a campaign needs only to be configured once, the system will automatically recommend the most appropriate products
  • ads reach customers on all platforms and devices
  • Customers are reminded of products they are interested in, which increases the chance of them visiting your shop again

How to start using Facebook Product Ads - first steps

  • create a business account on Facebook
  • enable generating Facebook Product Ads offers in your shop's administration panel, under MARKETING AND INTEGRATIONS / Facebook / Facebook Product Ads
  • enter your Meta Pixel Code id (available on Facebook)
  • integrate the generated product feed with Facebook

Monitor the results

Once your ads are live, you can monitor the number of conversions they generate. To do so, go to the Facebook ad manager and define a view based on your specific needs.