Facebook comments now in your on-line store

New dimension of Social Media Marketing - Facebook visits your store. Increase your credibility and build community around your store, utilize Facebook comments. Allow your customers to review and rate your store.

The cheapest marketing method

Facebook doesn't need to be advertised any further. Its functionality facilitates sharing information between customers and creating living communities around companies and products. Integration with Facebook comments available in the IdoSell.com allows you to utilize the whisper marketing strategies on entirely new level. Comments published on your store page are automatically becoming visible on your customers' profiles and their friend will be able to see them. It is one of the cheapest forms of business promotion. Every recommendation written by your customers will be read by approximately a few dozens of his friends and you do not have to pay for entries to your store (like in CPS advertisement programs).

What can be commented?

  • Products

Under every product, next to standard review form, you will find Facebook comments box - every Facebook user can write in his review/opinion/question/personal comment. Every such comment can be visible only on store page or both in store and Facebook board. Commenting person decides about this.

  • Store news

Every IdoSell.com on-line store has news subpage. If you run some kind of shop-blog, after turning Facebook comments on, your customers will be able to comment news written by you and share them with their friends.

  • Articles and information subpages

Every CMS subpage, you create, can be also commented by means of Facebook box. Possibility of creating any number of subpages with texts, photos galleries, special offers and events terms and conditions - all enriched with products suggestions and Facebook comments - is a complete marketing tool. Just use it.

How to turn on?

Every IdoSell.com store has Facebook comments implemented by default. To launch comment boxes, follow manual of turning Facebook comments on.