Facebook Page Plugin in your online store - one of the most popular social media widgets

The Facebook Page Plugin is an easy and proven way of getting new fans for your store. It can be styled as a sliding widget, or an element that is visible immediately after viewing your site. Our graphical designers can tailor the look and feel of the widget to your exact requirements.

How can the Page Plugin be displayed in my store?

The Facebook Page Plugin (Like Box) widget can appear as a button that sticks to the side of the window. Clicking or hovering over the button causes the widget to slide out.

An alternative way of displaying the widget is to compose it into the content and layout of the page, so that it is always visible to your customers. It is usually done in a side column, or in the footer, depending on the actual design of a store.


It is important to remember that elements like the Page Plugin and similar should only be embedded on sites dedicated to large screens. It is best not to enable them on mobile views, as they can make navigating the site harder, and use up precious screen space. Our graphical designers can adapt the widget to all screen sizes.

How do I add the Facebook Page Plugin to my store?

If you would like to add the Page Plugin to your site, you can do so using an HTML snippet yourself, or leave it to our experienced designers. We can design the widget in different shapes and sizes, as well as adjust its content. To do so, you can contact us using a ticket.