All procedures with a minimum of formalities. See how easy and quickly you can enter into agreement with IAI Company.

The contract is concluded through the tools on the IAI website. After gaining access to the store's administration panel - you will be asked to complete a contract form. The contract form should be completed electronically and signed electronically, and then sent to the IAI using CSC. Time to complete the contract form has been marked up to six logins on the store's administration panel.

Signatures of persons who have the right to represent the company are required on the contract form. In the case of a business or if the company is a civil law partnership - they are persons conducting business activity; in general partnerships they are all owners or co-owners with independent representation; and in limited liability companies or joint-stock companies - authorized persons from the management board. Lack of these signatures or their insufficient number (e.g. only one member of the management board, and the manner of representation resulting from the registration document - cumulative) will result in rejection of the contract.

You have 2 options to choose the type of contract that affects the activation fee:

  1. plik Fixed-term contract Immediate activation at the price of 0 EUR/USD/GBP for a fixed-term contract, 24 months this is the choice we recommend. Thanks to it, the installation of the store is carried out immediately. You deposit $99 net as if you had chosen the open-ended contract, and after delivering the contract signed in electronic form for a minimum of 2 years, this amount will be returned to your account (the so-called balance) and you will use it to reduce subsequent payments.
  2. plik Contract for an indefinite period Immediate activation at $99 net for an open-ended contract- recommended for everyone who wants a contract of indefinite duration.

Initial fees are therefore as follows:

When starting your adventure with IdoSell, you don't have to worry about fees - your balance is securely topped up, and you can concentrate on selling.

Contract for IdoPay payment services

As part of the agreement with IAI, you get the possibility to use the built-in IdoPay payment service offering fast PayByLink, BLIK, card payments and buy now pay later payments with PayPo. IAI has created a dedicated company IdoPayments sp. z o.o., which takes over the task of IdoPay payment operator. When your IdoPay operator would change, you will receive an agreement with this template: Confirmation of the conclusion of the IdoPay contract with IdoPayments

Benefits of signing a contract

You decide how you will spend money from your balance - for example, you can spend it on graphics, marketing activities or simply for further subscriptions

By using free STANDARD templates you can almost immediately launch your store. Of course, during the entire period of cooperation you can change the look of the store, treating your store like a living organism adapting to current trends and customer needs.

For the basic subscription plan - Smart CLOUD and CLOUD, the monthly fee starts from £9/9€/$9. Smart CLOUD and CLOUD plans are the optimal choice for start-up stores. Remember that subscription plans are scalable to meet your needs - if you need, you can always switch to higher subscription plans.

You get the full range of IdoSell functionalities and you are taken care of by our best specialists through unlimited technical support

You get the possibility to use the built-in IdoPay payment service offering PayByLink fast payments, BLIK, card payments and buy now pay later payments with PayPo.

To sum up, at minimum cost you get maximum benefit package.

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