VAT invoices for using IdoSell service

A convenient method of payment under your control. Decide how much and when you want to pay.

VAT invoices for IdoSell are issued in electronic form and comply with the legal provisions regarding e-invoices. If you have doubts about this form, please read why our invoices are full-fledged VAT invoices. Each issued invoice, also the archival ones, can be found in your administration panel, where you can download it in PDF format and print it if necessary.

The first VAT invoice will be issued for the implementation fee. Because we settle with prepayments, every next invoice will be generated when your payment is posted. You decide on the amount of the payment. Each payment adds to your balance and can be used for subscription fees or other services in accordance with price list.

Information on settlements, balance and all VAT invoices can be found in Customer Service Centre. Similarly, if your panel has been closed / is being recovered, you will find all your invoices in Customer Service Centre. In case of any problems you can always contact us