The most important information about settlements with IAI

The Settlements with IAI function allows you to perform several activities, check balance charges and download invoices issued for using the IdoSell services

Tasks for approval

This section lists all tasks that require approval from an authorized person.
You do not need to control it, because the system will do it for you and display relevant information on the main page of the panel at the very bottom of the Statistics section (on the right side of the screen above IAI News). If information about an unapproved task appears there, click on it and the link will take you to this page.

Why do tasks require approval?
Because some tasks are payable and cannot be completed until you agree to pay in exchange for such a task. By approving the task, you also set an upper cost limit that cannot be exceeded.

How can I confirm the task??
Open the tasks that interest you, and then read its content, which should clearly specify the amount you will pay for completing this task. Once you are familiar with the task, click on: , to accept the costs and allow the task to be carried out or on to block the execution of the task and not pay for it.

If you do not have permission to approve the task, you will be notified. At the same time, the system will inform you who has the appropriate permissions.

All tasks are settled in Time&Material mode.

Summary of sent SMS messages

What is the summary of sent SMS messages?

This summary contains information on all SMS messages that you sent using the IdoSell panel. You can send messages to customers from the order card item after previous configuration in the MODERATION \ Content management of SMS sent to customers. After clicking on Summary of sent SMS messages you will be able to choose the type of list.

How are SMS messages billed?
The amount due for sending a message is added up and once a day reduces your balance. To track the costs of sending an SMS and to check the level of available funds, see the section Balance settlement in the section Settlements with IAI.

What are the statements for?
The summaries show, among others, how many SMS messages were sent, when they were sent and their current status. However, the most important information they contain is the cost of messages sent. Remember that you can set a daily limit of SMSs sent in the MODERATION \ Content management of SMS messages section

What is the "Prolongation fee" and why I was charged with it?

If on your invoice or balance settlement you found the item "Prolongation fee for delay in payment ...", it means that the transfer for your invoice has been sent to our account after the invoice payment date.

This fee was introduced in the Terms and Conditions of March 1, 2010 in place of an earlier panel lock. The regulations can be found on the dedicated [/en/shop/terms/idosell-shop-terms-and-conditions website]

The prolongation fee is charged for maintaining the panel in operation for each day after the invoice payment date. These are the costs of making payments and resulting from servicing customers who do not pay on time. This item is a normal cost and is not treated as a contractual penalty.

Typically fee is calculated daily, at the end of each day of payment delay. For each day of delay in invoice payment, the Operator has the right to add to the next invoice an additional fee for maintaining the Service with prolongation, in the amount of 0.038% of the total invoice amount (13.87% per annum) for each day of delay. The number of days of delay is equal to the difference between the date of payment and the date of payment of the invoice in full.

This is obviously a simple percentage, not a compound one, so there is no proverbial interest on interest.

If your payment has been posted with the wrong date for any reason, please report it to the billing department. It will certainly be useful to attach a transfer confirmation. If the payment is actually posted too late, the store maintenance fee will be canceled.

Is it possible to receive e-mails confirming the invoice for IAI services visible in the settlements?

An email with information about the issued invoice available for download is sent to the email address indicated in the contact details in the service contract (order confirmation). The notification is not sent to any other address indicated in Panel users management.