IdoSell contract termination

We always apply the principle of minimum formalities for all procedures, including the unpleasant ones. Same applies to the IdoSell contract termination procedures.

In order to terminate the IdoSell contract it is required to send a letter of termination. The standard period of notice is 2 months and it comes into effect at the end of the month. It means that if you send a termination letter in the middle of the month, the period of notice will be counted from the begging of the following one. For example, sending a notice of termination on April 15 will result in two months' notice being counted from May 1. We can extend it up to 3 months upon your request.

If you decided to terminate the contract due to difficulties with initial configuration, lack of time or issues with launching your shop just let us know and we will do our best to help you out. Together we can make it work!

Remember - we are at your disposal!

We are here for you! You can contact our experienced Support Department or our training consultants who will help you set up your administration panel. If you don't have time and you need someone to do it for you, just let us know and we can offer you a turnkey implementation. We will prepare your panel for active sales and our graphic designers will personalize the layout of your shop in one of the implementation packages or as a set of small individual tasks. It is up to you and the needs of your business.
Shop implementation is not always a quick process and we will do our best to help you with it. Remember that you can always contact us and we will help you through this period, in order to enable you to start selling.

The implementation of the store is not always a quick process, but remember that you are in good hands and we will do our best to ensure that you undergo this process as soon as possible. In case of any difficulties you can count on our help.

Issues regarding termination of the contract

How to submit a termination form?

In order to terminate the IdoSell contract it is required to send a letter of termination to our headquarters or via CSC.

Documents sent via a ticket or electronic mail will not be accepted, nor will telephone calls. The exception is a letter of termination signed with a qualified electronic signature which can be sent in a ticket.

What should I include in a termination letter?

The termination letter must be a formal letter. It is therefore necessary to include information about the sender – company name and details, and the addressee – IAI. It is required to provide your Client ID (ATTENTION: letters without the ID will not be accepted) next to the company name.

In the body of your letter please describe the reason for the contract termination and information about the period of notice. We can apply the standard 2-month notice period or the 3-month one upon your request in the letter.

At the end of your letter please place your legible signature. Remember that it is required that the termination form is signed by individuals who have legal right to represent the company. In the case of a business activity or if the company is a civil law partnership - they are persons conducting business activity; in general partnerships they are all owners or co-owners with independent representation; and in limited liability companies or joint-stock companies - authorized persons from the management board.
The lack of the required signatures or the insufficient number of the signatures (e.g. the assignment document is signed by only one person from the board of directors) makes the termination letter null and void.

Can I expect IAI to acknowledge receipt of the letter of termination?

If you are very interested in confirming that we have received your letter of termination, you can create a ticket asking for such confirmation.

Please note that the letter of termination is not a contract and therefore does not require the confirmation of the other party for validity. It is important to document the fact of sending or notifying the other party about the desire to terminate. For such confirmation, it is sufficient to confirm sending a registered letter or sending a registered letter with confirmation of receipt.

I want to perform a contract assignment. Is it possible?

Yes. Information about a contract assignment procedure can be found here).

If in doubt, check the Terms and Conditions of our service and Contract. Remember that these documents provide binding details about the termination of the contract.