List of supported FA applications

IdoSell Bridge supports the most popular sales and warehouse software in Poland.
The full list of IdoSell Bridge features broken down into individual sales and warehouse programs can be found here:

We will automatically integrate you with:

IdoSell Bridge can work with any ERP


Find out what the universal mode is and all its possibilities
Sprawdź możliwości uniwersalnego trybu pracy, dzięki któremu w łatwy i tani sposób zintegrujesz panel administracyjny IdoSell z dowolnym programem sprzedażowo-magazynowym lub autorskim rozwiązaniem.
Universal mode uses one of the database engines: MS SQL Server or MySQL Serve.
Familiarize yourself with the structure of the universal mode database, including detailed descriptions of the module operation tables in

Integration with ERP

You can also use our partnership integration with system for warehouse management, invoicing and online accounting
You do not need additional Bridge integration program to enable this integration. Activating the integration with IdoSell in, you can have a full, cloud-based service of an online store together with accounting.
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