IAI Downloader - an application for automatic integration with online wholesalers

IAI Downloader is a ready-to-use solution enabling integration with wholesalers offering its clients access to a product database. As an IdoSell client, you can have the access to the full version of IAI Downloader and integrate with many wholesalers at any time.

How is the integration with wholesalers performed through IAI Downloader?

The basic requirement for integration is the access to the offer of a given wholesaler in IOF, XML or CSV files. Having such access, you can easily add an offer in IAI Downloader - the program will import supplier's offer to your IdoSell administration panel and synchronise it. What is more, you have the access to a number of configuration setting, for example:

  • you do not have to synchronise an entire offer - you can choose products from given categories, producers, series, etc.
  • turning on/turning off automatic synchronisations
  • defining which information should be synchronised
  • setting a margin for retail and wholesale prices
  • detecting changes which occured on the supplier's side and deciding whether to apply the changes in the products in your IdoSell administration panel

Can I perform an integration with any wholesaler if I use IAI Downloader?

Yes, IAI Downloader enables you to integrate with any wholesaler which makes an offer in XML or CSV format available .

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Does a wholsaler use the IdoSell platform? Integration is within a hand's reach!

Wholesalers conducting sales via IdoSell platform have a ready-to-use mechanism, which is fully adjusted to IAI Downloader, making the offer available for integration. As a result of integration with a given wholesaler, you will receive a special link which you will place in IAI Downloader. The only thing you have to do is to personalise settings of offer synchronisation - the program will update prices, photos, stock levels, etc. for you!

integracja z hurtownią IAI-Shop.com

Gain more than others by integrating with IdoSell wholesalers!

  • you can be sure of stable functioning, since a wholesaler uses the IdoSell platform
  • you have a comprehensive solution designed for import and offer synchronisation at your disposal - a wholesaler hands you over an offer in IOF format, which is supported by IAI Downloader
  • you have the access to the Support Department - our Support Department is ready to help you in case of problems concerning offer management
  • import and update of an offer through IAI Downloader application

You can also join IdoSell wholesalers!

If you are a wholesaler using IdoSell, you can expand your distribution channels by making the import of your offer available. You can also think about the option of free advertising on our website.

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Synchronising data about products between IdoSell and an external system

Do you use your own system for managing your product database and treat it as a main tool? Thanks to IdoSell you can still use it. Manage your product database, let IAI Downloader transfer products to IdoSell and make them visible in your shop! Thanks to a synchronising mechanism, IAI Downloader will update product data in case of any changes occuring in your system.

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