Support for XML in the IAI Downloader

Learn more about how the IAI Downloader handles offer files in XML.


The XML2IOF mechanism, in which the IAI Downloader was equipped with, allows you to generate offer in the IOF format based on the input from XML file. Offer generated in this way is fully interpreted by the IAI Downloader, can be imported into the administration panel, and then automatically synchronized.

Offer in a number of XML files

You have your offer in more than one file? No problem. The IAI Downloader allows you to select multiple XML files and will detect nodes in them. It will then ask you to assign these nods to proper products attributes. For example, the IAI Downloader detects <name> tags in the offer and asks you to select an attribute, which this tag should be assigned to - in this case, it should be the product name. Offer files can be placed on computer hard drive or server - entering a file patch is necessary then.

A simple mechanism for mapping (assignment) XML tags to the attributes of the product

The mechanism starts automatically after detecting indicated XML files. The user needs to assign these attributes to tags in the XML files. The gallery below shows how the mapping mechanism works.

Advanced attributes mapping options

In addition to the standard tag assigning, the mechanism also allows for:

  • setting currency, in which the prices are present in the offer,
  • setting language, in which the attributes are expressed.