IAI Downloader - functions and possibilites

Automatic download of offer from the wholesale store database - including descriptions and pictures.

Automatic update of the IdoSell.com offer - including descriptions and pictures - based on changes in the wholesale store database

Each time something changes in your data source (your supplier offer), the IAI Downloader will automatically implement it in your offer. For example, when your supplier increases the price of X good, the IAI Downloader will increase price of the same product in your shop, adding an earlier-defined margin. You will never again sell product below costs!

Full integration automatization equals minimization of making a mistake

After initial configuration of offer, it is synchronized automatically every period indicated by you. Thanks to it you can avoid making mistakes, that have cost you so much time, money and nerves.

Full support for information on products in offer with the possibility of choosing data to be updated

IAI Downloader can handle such information on products as:

  • category,
  • name, short and long description,
  • icons and pictures,
  • prices, VAT rate,
  • producer,
  • sizes,
  • weight,
  • stock quantities and units of measure,
  • producer codes and codes displayed on product card,
  • series,
  • warranty,
  • supplier,
  • visibility in shop and files exported to price comparison engines.

You can configure the update mechanism and choose, which products attributes and descriptions should be updated by the IAI Downloader and which - not.

Comfortable calculations of margin

You can set the desired margin for retail and wholesale price - for each category of products. You can set it as a percentage-based value calculated on the basis of supplier price and enter a minimum margin.

Full control and insight in changes of offer

Use the import and import confirmation mode. Thanks to it you can limit the possibility of making a mistake or updating or overwriting information previously entered into the IdoSell.com. Debugging mode gives you a chance of previewing the imported data and updating information on products and deciding whether to accept them or not.

Become acquainted with the IAI Downloader: