Support for CSV in the IAI Downloader

Learn more about how the IAI Downloader handles offer files in CSV.


The mechanism, in which the IAI Downloader was equipped with, allows you to generate offer in the IOF format based on the input from CSV file (can be exported from a simple spreadsheet). Offer generated in this way is fully interpreted by the IAI Downloader, can be imported into the IdoSell administration panel, and then automatically synchronized.

Offer in a number of CSV files

Offer may be generated on the basis of one or more CSV files. A special wizard allows you to manage the CSV files, where columns contain information about the offer. There are also no limits set on the number of CSV files. Just as in the case of IOF format, CSV files can be placed on the local drive or on the server.

A simple mechanism for mapping (assignment) columns to the attributes of the product

The mechanism works on a basis of very simple principle: the user must specify, which column in the CSV file an attribute of product is placed in offer, i.e. product category, as required attribute, must be mapped onto the column, which includes the category name. The way, the mechanism for assigning the columns works, can be learned from the gallery below.

Advanced options for mapping attributes of products in a column

In addition to the standard assignment of columns, the mechanism also allows you to specify:

  • the character encoding used,
  • the possibility of skipping the first row,
  • standard columns separator or use of own separators,
  • assign the columns that contain complex information about the attributes (e.g. size/quantity) - multi-value separators,
  • determine the currency in which commodity prices are presented in the offer.
A gallery, presenting the support for offer in the CSV format in the IAI Downloader: