Product data supported by IAI Downloader

IAI Downloader is an application for synchronising, importing and updating offers, and included product data. Below you can find a detailed list of supported product data:

Data supported in offer synchronisations and wholesale integrations

If you are planning to integrate with wholesalers, get familiar with the list of product data supported by IAI Downloader:

  • product name, product type, short description, long description (also HTML) with division to different languages
  • icon and products photos
  • retail prices, wholesale prices and SRP in a curency of your choice
  • VAT rate
  • stock levels
  • category, producer, series, measurement units with the possibility of setting the names in different languages
  • data concerning product sizes
  • producer's codes
  • weight
  • product parameters with the possibility of setting the names in different languages (very detailed product data displayed in shops in the form of tables)
  • grouped products
  • currency
  • attachments to products

Exchanging information about products in wholesale integrations is based on IOF format. If you would like to know more detailed information about how products are described in this format, see IOF specification.

Data supported in updates and imports

If you have a product database in IdoSell and you would like to perform a mass product data update on the basis of your files, get familiar with the following data which you can update. This wide range of data is also available in imports:

  • data supported in offer synchronisations and wholesale integrations
  • guarantees
  • stock levels in own warehouses
  • names and descriptions for auctions
  • listing prices, the minimal price for auction services with a division to shops
  • POS prices
  • title, description, meta keys
  • retail prices, wholesale prices and suggested prices for sizes with the division to shops
  • related products
  • adding products to a promotion and assigning to promotional zones
  • annotation
  • visibility on websites
  • assignment to navigation nodes with the division to Menu and shops
  • parameters and additional parameter options
  • assigning a table to sizes
  • oraz wiele innych, bardzo szczegółowych danych wchodzących w zakres parametrów IOF Extensions

If you have any questions regarding supported data get in touch with our Support Department.