IAI Downloader - manual and FAQ

How can I use the IAI Downloader?

Think for a while, how many times - during handling information on your assortment (i.e. information on categories or sizes) - you have been forced to analyze the same product offered by multiple suppliers and quickly choose one of them - which could be particularly difficult, when your offer grows rapidly. How many things can you do in this time, if this process could be automated?

Probably many times you have thought about delegating such responsibilities to a trusted employee. But it cannot be a solution to this problem. Each situation independently must be questioned and adjuster separately. Gains from sale depends on correctness of decisions made after becoming acquainted with suppliers offers.

You think: "I'm using the IdoSell.com, but how can I download offer from suppliers with good prices?" or "If I only could compare the same products from different suppliers to compose a proper offer", or "If I only could do it faster...". What would you say, if you knew, that application, that allows you to do all that and it's free, and will resolve at least a couple of these problems?

If the described scenario suits situation you're in, the IAI Downloader is just for you!

What functions are implemented into the IAI Downloader?

The basic function of the application is to integrate your on-line store with database of any of the IdoSell.com wholesale stores. All this thanks to a mechanism of automatic synchronization of information on products in the supplier offer.

Scope of technical capabilities are:

  • update of pictures, descriptions, producers, categories and other elements of describing products,
  • manual or automatic synchronization of offers (update every indicated period of time),
  • works with three different formats available through the HTTP protocol or uploaded from hard drive,
  • simultaneously handles multiple suppliers,
  • stream processing of offer.

In addition, the IAI Downloader allows for full automatization of synchronization between the IdoSell.com and the suppliers. Thanks to this, the time spend on downloading offer from multiple suppliers is reduced to minimum. The IAI Downloaded will update your assortment by the appropriate suppliers offer.

The IAI Downloader has been designed, so that it could be handled without any problems from the user's part. The applications is very attractive and has a plain user interface. Time - required to familiarize yourself with it and be able to fully utilize its functions - is minimal.

Learn more about functions offered by the IAI Downloader.

What are the system and hardware requirements?

The IAI Downloader requires to function properly:

  • Windows family operation system (7, Vista or XP with Service Pack 3),
  • .NET Framework 3.x,
  • 1GB RAM or more.

If you don't have .NET Framework installed, it will be automatically downloaded and installed on your computer.

We would like to wish you a pleasant work with the IAI Downloaded application. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact our Support Department by means of the IAI Ticketing System.

An error occurred during supplier data analysis - what should I do?

Supplier offer is probably generated incorrectly. You can ask supplier about offer compliant with one of the formats supported by the application.

What does the message about invalid data format mean?

The data format in XML file is not compliant with format in which the offer has been created.
Contact your supplier and send him a message, which was displayed in the application error, because it contains information, in which place of the offer the error occurs.

Error during downloading supplier data - what should I do?

During downloading supplier data (such as categories, products etc.) the Internet connection must have been broken or disconnected or maybe problem occurred with a supplier connection or server. Try again to synchronize your data after a couple of minutes. If the problem continues to occur, please contact the supplier and try to find out, on which side the problems occurred.

What does it mean, when there is no universal size assigned?

During assigning sizes, the supplier size for universal size in the IdoSell.com has not been selected by you. Go to Supplier settings, select Sizes tab and assign the universal size in IdoSell administration panel to the size from the list of suppliers sizes.

Why sizes haven't been assigned?

During assigning sizes, no IdoSell.com sizes were selected to sizes in the supplier offer. To do this, go to Suppliers settings, select a Sizes tab and decide, which sizes and how should be assigned in the IdoSell.com. If you do not want to do this manually, just mark Assign supplier sizes to IdoSell administration panel automatically.

Application had encountered problem and stopped working - what should I do?

An application internal error occurred. In this situation, just copy the error message contents and send it via ticket.