Support for IOF in the IAI Downloader

Learn more about how the IAI Downloader handles offer files in IOF.

Being the IAI customer, you have an easy access to other wholesale stores using the Each of these wholesale stores has a built-in into the mechanism of exporting offer to the IOF format, which is always up-to-date and prepared to import performed by the IAI Downloader - all without your intervention.

Offer generated by the can contain following information on products:

  • product description in any language,
  • prices in any currency,
  • icons and photos in any quantity,
  • category,
  • weight,
  • series,
  • warranty,
  • producer,
  • unit of measure,
  • sizes,
  • quantity.

What do you gain by integrating with the wholesale store?

  • guarantee of operations stability,
  • comprehensive solution for offer import to the,
  • access to Support Department,
  • the platform if fully equipped and prepared to support this format,
  • import and update of offer by means of the IAI Downloader.