Dividing orders in IdoSell online stores

Dividing orders manually

You can divide the order manually - on the order tab you will find the option "Divide order". After choosing this option, you will see a special form. You can specify which products and in what quantities you want to divide into a new order. There are separate columns for Quantity and Reservation of products. The quantity from the current and the new order must be equal with the quantity in the order you divide (the system makes sure that the quantity is entered correctly). The same applies to reservations.

Automatic order division

You can also automate division of orders. If you activate this option for a selected supplier and the online shop customer places an order combining products from your own warehouse and an external warehouse (from the supplier), all products handled by the supplier will be separated into a new order. There might be several orders, depending on how many suppliers products come from. The principle is simple: products that you can send yourself will be in the original order, the remaining products will be grouped after suppliers and divided into separate orders.

After the order division, the customer of the online store will receive an e-mail with information about the division along with links to the details of new orders.

Activate automatic order division