List of products to be packed optimizing the packaging process

If you work in a large company, which has its own warehouse, you have probably encountered the problem of optimizing the preparation of parcels for shipment. An employee collecting products from a warehouse and picking orders, should try to plan his work in such a way that many products are picked in the shortest period of time. With a large number of orders and repeatable products, it is important to thoroughly plan the picking process .

As a part IdoSell integration with the WMS, we provide the product picklist, which natively cooperates with other functions of your online store. The list of products being picked is a sort of "cheatsheet", which groups products in such a way that during one cycle a warehouse employee can download products for multiple orders at a time and then transport them to the picking area.

Our picklists support both picking the entire order at once, as well as sequential product picking by remembering which products have already been packed.

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