Generate product barcode labels automatically with the ability to use many templates, uploading own graphics and using variablesGenerate product barcode labels automatically with the ability to use many templates, upload custom graphics and use variables

The IdoSell administration panel offers an advanced yet simple product barcode label generation system. You can use such generated labels to quickly accept product deliveries through IAI Scanner, label certain positions on warehouse shelves (and thus at the same time facilitating warehousing processes) or create labels for product price tags in your brick and mortar shops.

Barcode labels created in the IdoSell administration panel can include many useful pieces of product information. You can add a short product description, product name, producer and much more. To make labels more attractive, you can upload your own background and use self-prepared labels e.g. as stickers for product tags in your traditional store:

How can I use self-prepared labels?

There are many uses for barcode labels generated from the IdoSell administration panel, e.g.:

  • labelling products in a warehouse – now you can accept deliveries faster by scanning products on a GRN document in the panel or through IAI Scanner;
  • labelling warehouse shelvescreating picklists will be easier;
  • labelling products in traditional sales – you can tag products and include them on a receipt easier;
  • many more to be included soon

Learn how to print barcode labels

Which barcodes can be printed on labels?

Currently you can use the following code standards on barcode labels:

  • EAN-13
  • CODE39

Learn more about barcode standards supported by IdoSell and choose the one adjusted to your needs