IAI Scanner – revolutionary solution for your online shop logistics

IAI Scanner puts an end to long and tedious logistics processes related to item deliveries and releases, as well as inventorying. It reduces the time required for inventory operations. Logistics support is more secure and more effective. The risk of human error is minimised. These are just some of the features provided by the revolutionary IAI Scanner tool.

IAI Scanner Logotype

What is IAI Scanner and what does it do

IAI Scanner is an application that gives you access to the data collector used by large online shops. IAI Scanner was designed for large online shops that manage a large number of deliveries and customer orders every day.

  • Nearly every day, large companies' warehouses are supplied with new goods and new item packages are created for customers' orders. For each delivery, you usually need to spend a few hours carefully checking whether goods match the order, and then assign a warehouse location to goods. For each item release, especially on a large scale, you need to thoroughly verify all sales documents and order content. IAI Scanner is a perfect solution for such operations. It increases the effectiveness of the order-support process by as much as several thousand percent and it reduces customer service errors to a minimum.
  • When an operator who uses IAI Scanner is releasing an item, they can see which items must be released and in what amount. As a result, they can prepare complete goods for orders much faster. If an item does not match an order, IAI Scanner will display a corresponding message. This will help you avoid situations in which an end customer receives an incomplete order. The application speeds up the process of fulfilling orders and increases satisfaction among end customers.
  • IAI Scanner has a specially prepared tutorial. It will train your employees better that any manual. Each scenario has been fully described so that you will have no doubt about what a specific function was designed for. For example, if you employ seasonal workers, you will not have to spend time teaching them how the application works. A short training session is enough for new employees to start working with the IAI Scanner application.
  • IAI Scanner was designed based on many business analyses in cooperation with our biggest and most demanding customers. The application has been fully tested by professionals and ensures stability and security.
  • IAI Scanner works with the data collector to provide mobility to employees by giving them the ability to work remotely. As a result, they can freely switch between various warehouse departments to perform their duties. In IAI Scanner, the collector can also be permanently connected to the IdoSell administration panel in real time without the need for synchronization. This gives the warehouse employee the ability to view up-to-date information saved directly to the IdoSell administration panel. In addition, a change of status to received, ready to be sent, etc., is automatically recorded in the panel.

IAI Scanner Application Advantages

  • Shorter delivery process and quick return on investment thanks to an increase in productivity
  • Additional operation control by reading item bar codes
  • Avoid costly mistakes with item deliveries and releases, and provide information on errors made at prior stages of customer service
  • Control over the implementation of documents by individual employees, ability to record processes
  • Inventorying using the barcode reader significantly reduces the time required to perform inventorying

Select the platform you want to work with

To use this revolutionary solution, you only need to have a data collector or PC and an internet connection. IAI Scanner connects to the IdoSell administration panel and provides support for logistics processes on the devices mentioned above.

There are two IAI Scanner application versions available:

  • A mobile solution for Windows CE/Mobile devices
  • For Windows PCs.

This allows you to work on two different device types at the same time. For example, take deliveries and change statuses with the data collector, and verify the order content on a PC.

Please note that the application was designed mainly for data collectors to make warehouse employees more mobile and give them greater freedom at work. Using PCs is a great solution for testing and for companies that have just entered the market and cannot afford expensive equipment.

IAI Scanner operational diagram