Order handling - it's easy with IdoSell!

Order handling is one of the most important functions of IdoSell. We know from experience, that using this tool skilfully takes a lot of learning to do, but after a few weeks you can master it with proper setting things up and configuring a few options. Thanks to multiple functionalities this module offers, you can i.e. set orders statuses, check payments options and orders history, so you always have full information about what happens in your store. So we hereby ask you - do not consider many of available options an unnecessary impediment - they are present in the panel to make your work easier, more comfortable and more automatized.

During order handling process, a lot of different combinations and variants is possible to set. Order can i.e. wait for customer payment, product to be received from supplier or the buyer needs to confirm his wish to buy goods in your shop. This is why this page in panel changes on-the-fly, depending on order type and its current status.

Notifying customer
One of significant functions of on-line stores is to notify customers, what really happens with their orders. By using the "[inform customer]" option you can determine the current stage of order completion. Each status change is reported to customer by e-mail that contains all info about what is currently going on with his order. But not always informing customer about everything is desired - sometimes i.e. changing status from ready to send to awaiting order, because the only one product in your stock is flawed, can disturb your customer. Sending mails can cause undesired and unnecessary communication chaos and disorientation in person, who purchases goods from you. This is why after deselecting [inform customer] option will cause a situation in which e-mails will not be sent by the system. In addition, you can inform your customers by SMS (this service is available only in Poland now, but we are working hard to offer it in other countries, so stay tuned).

Do I have to handle purchase confirmation by myself?
Shops often have very different orders confirmation policies, but very rarely send products without ANY confirmation at all. When the delivery is of very high value, stores often call to customers to ensure, that this was not a joke. When the amounts are lower, confirmation most often takes form of simple confirmation link, which automatically sets confirmed by e-mail status. The rest of available options are very intuitive and descriptive, so they can be used in situation, that they represent.

Notice: It may happen, that e-mail does not reach customer (we have very limited influence on anti-spam filters on free mail servers) or buyer simply does not use provided address anymore and forgot to change it. In these situations customers often call to store by themselves to confirm order. But if you do not receive such confirmation, you should resend confirmation request, by pressing the Send confirmation request (can be found on top of the page) or confirm order by yourself.

Printing documents
Important buttons, that make everyday work in store easier, are options of printing documents to order. The system automatically generates address labels for courier company selected by your customer. VAT invoice can be issued and printed only when customers provides you with his VAT Number.

What is Ask for opinion option?
This option allows to activate the opinion request module, which can be found in ADMINISTRATION / Shop panel configuration in Customer notifications option. Whatever the payments settings are, request for payment or opinion will be send to customer.
Notice: This option is visible only for orders placed by registered users - unregistered customers cannot add opinions.