Prints, returns and order flow automation

The Warehouse Management System (WMS), including a module enabling shipment-order verification, has just gained a new functionality of IAI Printer printouts available right after the verification process. It will significantly facilitate the process of completing documents necessary for orders, since they are available just when you need it – right before shipping the parcel. Handling order statuses manually is not an option in a big online store. In such a case your employee has to go through thousands of orders a few times a day, verify each order separately, and then assign a correct status manually. The whole process is repeated the next day. By offering the system for professional merchants we took care of eliminating repeated, manual actions which generate costs and lead to errors.

In case of big sales volumes in an online store, group printing of sales documents becomes a bottleneck in the order handling process. Sales documents printouts are closely related to statuses of specific orders, so without the automation, order handling will be cost and time consuming. Depending on preferences, printouts can be required on different order handling stages, but always after its positive verification.

Automation of order handling processes

Automation of order handling processes in IdoSell effectively supports warehouse operations, since employees pack and send only those orders which were verified by our system. This WMS functionality significantly accelerates work, as your employees do not have to check all the order list – they receive information concerning only those orders which were verified, confirmed and paid for by the customer.

IdoSell can continuously monitor lists of thousands of open orders and direct the processing of an order between deparments. Sample processes handled by our WMS:

  • Automatic cancellation of orders and returns abandoned by customers (e.g. not paid for),
  • Detecting orders in which part of products has to be imported, but was already paid for,
  • Directing orders for handling,
    • If an order previously required products to be imported and now all products are available,
    • If an order is fully paid for,
  • Marking orders as suspended in case of any problems (e.g. problems with handling the after-sales form from an online listing,
  • Processing packed orders for verification and shipping,
  • Automatic printing of necessary sales documents or courier labels, thanks to the printout module support
  • Electronic invoicing support, so that a document can be sent to a customer right after it has been issued
  • Detecting and closing handled orders in order to optimize administration panel processes.

Automatic parcel numbers and courier labels generation

After verifying whether an order is correctly packed, or during any other stage of your choice, our system generates documents necessary for the order. Everything happens in the background – you do not have to wait. Combining this functionality with other order handling automation processes will significantly shorten the time spent on handling a single order in your online store. This in turn, will optimize costs of running your business. The functionality is not connected with automatic printouts and can be used independently. It is also important in case of e.g. group printouts of courier labels. If you generate a printout for 100 shipments and generating each takes 3 seconds through the courier API, then the operator has to wait 5 minutes for generating such printouts. If they are prepared in advance, you can print them in a blink of an eye.

Automatic sales documents printing

You can automate the process of printing sales documents. Apart from other methods of handling printouts, we also support the one which is the most helpful in the WMS implementation – documents are printed on a specific event, e.g. after the order verification. The system consists of three elements:

  1. The system of preparing printouts, which is combined with order handling automation, e.g. with order status change automation.
  2. IAI Printer, which is used as a printouts server, thanks to which you can print documents without no additional actions needed. The system pushes printouts for print automatically.
  3. Printouts activator, namely order verification module in the administration panel or IAI Scanner application, which conveys information that you need a sales document at a given moment.

A sample warehouse workflow using the synergy of IAI Printer and printout activator, may look as follows:

a warehouseman (order-picker) completes the order by picking products from set lwarehouse locations
after the completion, an order is verified and the system of preparing printouts automatically generates necessary documents (e.g. invoice, a courier label)
after a successful verification, IAI Printer printouts are requested on a proper printer – (A4 printer, labels and receipt printers)
after product verification, a given person picks awaiting documents from the printer and checks their correctness with customer requirements, puts them to a parcel, seals it and sends it to a customer.

Where to begin

How to enable automation of order handling and document generating

To enable order status automation you have to turn on all, or selected rules in ''ADMINISTRATION / Processes automation / Order processing automation. This option is free and can be enabled anytime. We recommend using automation from the very beginning, so that your online store staff can learn proper habits concerning an appropriate workflow.

If you need our support, schedule a training session with our specialist and learn more about WMS functionalities