Frequently asked questions about Skrill payments

Answers to frequently asked questions about IdoSell integration with Skrill payments.

What is a secret word field in Skrill configuration?

Secret word means a word which makes a report concerning payment gateway status available. It is available in the Skrill panel in "Merchant tools". To make this section visible, the account has to have a business status.

Which currencies are supported in IdoSell integration with Skrill?

Paypal integration enables receiving payments in the following currencies: EUR, TWD, USD, THB, GBP, CZK, HKD, HUF, SGD, SKK, JPY, EEK, CAD, BGN, AUD, PLN, CHF, ISK, DKK, INR, SEK, LVL, NOK, KRW, ILS, ZAR, MYR, RON, NZD, HRK, TRY and LTL.