SUPREME - professional, comprehensive and modern image of your company online

An option for those who seek innovative and complex solutions. The SUPREME implementation package allows you to take advantage of exquisite graphical designs, dynamic page elements and non-standard display methods - all of which will astonish your customers. We can also help you with early stage configuration, data imports, mailing and auction template creation, as well as setting up advertising banners and photo galleries.


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Absolutely unique on-line store

SUPREME is the most advanced implementation package, which includes 160 work-hours to be used by our specialists. They are experts in web design, coding and data integration. The package was designed for implementations which:

  • Require sublime designs, within strictly defined styles, great attention to details and effects
  • Are based on modern, often innovative web design methods - the package is very suitable for personalised, responsive (RWD) shops
  • Involve migration from different e-commerce platforms, including product and customer data, whilst keeping the same look & feel
  • Require creating a comprehensive marketing image, involving a coherent website, logos, e-mail and auction templates, newsletters, information pages, photo galleries, etc. - everything to ensure the most effective ways of growing the brand awareness
  • Include staff training in the areas of order handling, stock management, shop content moderation, etc., to ensure a professional and successful sales process
  • Extend the standard functionality with additional features, such as product collections and configurators, reviews and blogs, as well as adding advanced ways of implementing and tracking promotional campaigns.

An online shop's look and feel has a big impact on sales

We can help you launch a modern and professional shop, based on your individual needs, and make you stand out from the croud of competitors. If you already have a recognisable brand, and would like to continue to build its image, you should consider investing in the SUPREME, or BESPOKE implementation package.

SUPREME means:

Highest level of graphical design, thanks to our qualified experts. Your shop's design will adhere to your vision, without compromising the usability and modern techniques
Individually created shop logo, which will allow you to successfuly build your brand image on the internet
Three page drafts by default - main page, product list (search), product details - with the possibility of designing more non-standard pages, simply include the request at the planning stage
Non-standard layouts and navigation, giving your shop a unique look & feel
Fully customised page components, with content and looks corresponding to the type of your business
Possibility of extending the standard functionality with additional widgets and elements
160 work-hours to be used for our specialists' services
Possibility of including data import tasks, training, branding, etc. in the package - those need to be agreed at the planning stage, and will affect the amount of work-hours available for graphical design tasks
Possibility of implementing further modifications through additional tasks
An optional mobile app can be included. The dedicated app will allow you to reach more consumers, and your loyal customers will receive another, efficient way of purchasing from your shop

Price: 5059 GBP

Thanks to the large amount of time dedicated to creating your shop, our experts will design and code an amazing project according to your requirements. SUPREME shops can have entirely custom component layouts, on all subpages. Product pages can be enhanced with sophisticated imagery mechanisms, additional text content, and more. Everything can be complimented by uncoventional navigation. Should there be some leftover time, we can create additional elements for you, such as banners and email templates.

Do you already have a design?

If you decide to design the shop yourself or through an external creative agency, our Graphical Designers will be able to use the time available in the package for coding compatibility features as well as advanced functionality. It could allow you to introduce more custom ideas (i.e. very non-standard navigation or a unique marketplace template). Before you order the SUPREME package we kindly advise you to send your designs in for verification.

Personalised implementation without limits

You do not want to limit your creativity. You have the highest requirements regarding the shop's graphics, its functionality and attractiveness of your website. You want to surprise your customers with innovative ways of presenting your offer and a unique shopping process. Collect all your requirements, needs and ideas, and use our BESPOKE OFFER in which we calculate the costs, scope and schedule of work accordingly. You will be assigned a Project Manager who is going to supervise the process and help you along the way.