E-mail, SMS and Web Push notifications about product re-availability

A large group of customers looking for a particular product in the online store, seeing that it is currently unavailable, leaves the store. At IdoSell we have anticipated such situations. The system allows you to keep customers by sending automatic e-mails, SMS, Web Push notifications when the item will be available again in your store.

No matter whether the visitor is logged in or not - they can always subscribe to the notification by entering an email address or additionally mobile number. In addition, by sending an email to the client, you can also notify them by using a Web Push notification .

Benefits of product availability notifications

Automatic e-mail and SMS sending without the need to register a customer in the store.
A simple form is available on the website of the unavailable product.
Whenever a product appears in the warehouse, the customer will automatically receive an email or SMS to the previously indicated contact information/
Ability to create your own e-mail and SMS template.
Email delivery is free of charge.
Sending free Web Push notifications which appear in the web browser of your customers, on a variety of desktop and mobile devices.
SMS delivery is cheap and charged according to the SMS price list .

Learn more about Web Push notifications that complement your email and SMS messsages

In the IdoSell administration panel you will find the default notification templates for product availability, but you can of course modify them with the possibility of restoring the default version.

Check whether the appropriate changes has been made in your template

In order for you to be able to use the product availability notification, you must have the appropriate component in your template. If you already have the appropriate component in your template, then why don't you refresh the form for product availability?

Contact our graphics department, which will evaluate, design and customize the component according to your requirements