Online store positioning, long tail, SEO, SEM

Online store positioning , Long tail, SEO, SEM - these terms are familiar to anyone who knows how to use web positioning as a tool to acquire customers . Our activities focused on delivering the best HTML code and integration tools . We constantly strive to keep up with the changing trends and new tools needed to maximize traffic to your shop page.

What do you gain by using IdoSell?

  • Thanks to excellent code optimization, IdoSell stores are much higher in search results than shops built on other systems and programs
  • Lower cost of website positioning in comparison to our competition
  • Our layouts provide high ranks in Google Page Speed Index
  • IdoSell stores are safe (they do not get banned)

Good web positioning (SEO)

As a part of our service, we provide SEO-optimal HTML code compliant with standards for creating correct websites. All shops are created using the latest technologies (RWD), so that the websites are displayed properly on smartphones. We also care about the speed of operation and displaying pages through SSL. You can even decide how to structure friendly links in your store. For each of the stores, you can determine a separate structure of friendly links chosen from predefined structures, or set up your own structure after charge. All these factors have a big impact on web positioning, and we provide it to every customer.

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IdoSell with the Google Premium Partner

Premium Google Partner is a prestigious award granted to companies for their skills and knowledge in the field of AdWords.The title of the Partner is awarded after meeting a number of conditions, such as demonstrating employees' knowledge and presenting the results of revenue growth, or the ability to maintain and expand the customer base.

We are the only online selling solution that has been awarded this title. This means that our clients receive the best service possible, performed by specialists in their field.

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IdoSell with the Google CSS Premium Partner

Every shop at IdoSell can be even more competitive. With IAI Ads the cost per click in Google product ads is now up to 20% cheaper!

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Google CSS Premiur Partner

Paid Google Ads (SEM)

SEM combines SEO, responsible for free organic traffic, with PPC: paid traffic from Google. Our experience gained through the years and work with hundreds online shops help us provide you high positions in search results. Not only we make easier for you to modify your shop for web positioning in Saas. We also offer unique service: IAI Ads for Google SEM. This intelligent service directs high quality traffic to your IdoSell shop, based on constant data analysis in Google and online shop. What’s more, it manages by itself the rates for ad clicks, which are set automatically with profitability guarantee. IAI Ads, besides classic Google product ads, optimizes also text and remarketing campaigns, as well as Showcase Ads.

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Take care of your "long tail"

For many online stores, a significant percentage of sales is generated so-called "long tail" searches. long tail). These are searches that involve potential customers entering a very narrow and specific phrase, i.e., product name. At IdoSell we care about the friendly HTML code in each shop, correct optimization and strengthening of the main page and domain through SEO process. These measures affect high search results for such specific keywords (long tail).

What is important, at IdoSell you do not have to limit yourself to a certain number of products and choose the most popular ones. These actions apply to all of your products and, in tandem with traditional web positioning, can produce very noticeable results.

Availability and loading speeds are important factors in SEO. This can not be improved by changes in the code. For this you need to have a good and solid partner, like IdoSell. In 2016, we achieved a phenomenal SLA of 99.9974% . This is higher than the highest market standards and standards even for static web hosting.

Mobile Google Search users have generated more queries than those using desktops! This fact proves that without a well-built mobile version, the page will not reach high search results, even in spite of theoretically good non-mobile position. In IdoSell you have a choice. You can choose a mobile shop with a separate classic template . You have the option of selecting a shop with a responsive graphics template. You can also use a dedicated smartphone app.

Check out the free tips which will allow you to perform certain SEO activities which normally many companies charge an additional fee for.

If you have additional questions regarding web positioning of your online store, please contact our specialists.

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