Filtering the search results

Filtering is the module facilitating browsing through the offer of the on-line shop.

The basic function of the internet shop is products display. If customers place orders in your shop mainly depends on the serach results. Only when finding the perfect product they may consider the price, make a decision and proceed with placing an order. provides the tool which will help your customers to navigate effectivelly in your on-line shop. One of the navigation's aspects, making browsing through the products easier, is filtering. Filtering the search results is almost essential in many branches. As customers are used to being provided with such solutions they also expect to find this possibility in your shop.

Filtering functionalities

Filtering engine of our authorship is a very complex tool. It combines the maximum of functionality on the customer's side with simplicity and flexibility on the shop administration's side.

  • Filtering functionality on the customer's side:
    • makes it possible to narrow the search results according to the chosen categories, i.e. colour, manufacturer, price, size, etc.
    • allows to choose many positions from one category, i.e. few favourite designers
    • allows to intertwine different aspects of a product, i.e. red heels, size 8
    • calculates the number of products having particular characteristics before the filter is even launched
    • displays the chosen products in a clear way so that customers are always aware of their choices and can either change or delete the items
    • allows to reset (delete) all the filters with just one click
    • allows to close filters that are not useful for the customer and saves it
    • displays filters with numerous positions in a convenient way, not influencing the readability of the page
  • Filtering functionality on your side (shop admins' side):
    • possibility of subscribing the optional names to the filters, i.e. instead of using the default "manufacturer" you may set the name "brand" or "publisher"
    • possibility of launching different filters for different categories in the menu
    • setting the sequence for the filters in each category
    • easy handling with the drag&drop method
    • adding graphics in a mode "only graphics” or "name and graphics”
  • List of all the available filters::
    • price range,
    • manufacturer,
    • series,
    • size,
    • name fragments,
    • only sales, bestsellers, special offers, highlighted positions, new arrivals,
    • according to categories in menu 1, menu 2, menu 3, menu 4, menu 5,
    • adding date (i.e. "last month"),
    • only available,
    • available in stock (products available on own stock),
    • shipping in 24 h (products available on own stock, to be shipped in 24 h after receiving an order),
    • available in loyalty program (exchangeable for points),
    • and arbitrary number of filters based on products' parameters.

Gallery of examples

How to order?

If the layout of your shop does not provide all the described above functions it means that it needs the update of the components responsible for filtering. Layout update is a safe process conducted by scpecialist from our graphics department. To depute the update and order the newest filter engine submit a ticket to our graphics department.

If you use STANDARD layout you only need to update it to the newest edition in your administration panel.