Adding pictures sent by customers to their opinions

According to many researches, customers' opinions are the most important aspect which influence the choice of other customers when they look for a reliable online shop. Consumers (especially those not convinced) appreciate the quality of comments about products. Positive and credible opinions about a shop often help to make a final decision in respect of a shop choice. Do not hesitate and make use of a function which allows your customers to add opinions along with pictures. The functionality can be enabled for free, as a standard option.

Increase sense of security and encourage your customers to shop online

Consumers want to do shopping in stores which are safe and already verified by other consumers. They also want to have proofs that what they purchase is what they expect. If you enable the option of adding comments about products along with pictures, you will make your offer and your shop more credible for other consumers. Moreover, you will create a king of community around your brand.

Customers who visit your shop for the fist time are more likely to place an order because they can see that others have already put their trust in your brand. Social trust is extremely important. It is the best way to show that you are trustworthy and can be relied on.


  • make opinions of your customers even more reliable
  • customers will present the products they bought "in use”
  • strengthen brand identity
  • increase traffic in your online shop
  • strengthen customer trust and motivate them to action
  • award every customer, who adds a picture to a comment, with points which can later be exchanged for free products; thanks to this option you will associate a loyalty program with added opinions
  • pictures and opinions are moderated by you so you can either approve or reject them