ERP - advanced warehouse management and profitability control

IdoSell combines a simple, user-friendly interface with modern, advanced Enterprise Resource Planning tools for warehouse management and sales profitability control. With IdoSell, you can effectively synchronise your offers with your shop inventory. You also have access to professional financial analyses, which can help you make the right supply purchase decisions. We provide all this to make your retail and wholesale sales even more effective and convenient.

Stock and inventory management

Thanks to advanced algorithms, your warehouse and inventory data will always be up to date. You'll easily be able to check the quantity of items in your own inventory and external inventories. The supply and inventory transfer mechanisms will help you ensure that items are available where needed. Warehouse settings and access rights make it easy to customize the system to fit your particular needs.


Stock and inventory management scenarios

We want every IdoSell client to be able to choose functions that best suit their needs and preferences. That is why we created a few different warehouse and stock management scenarios. You can choose a warehouse and sales management system created by IdoSell, or conduct warehouse management through the dedicated [/pl/shop/bridge.phtml IAI Bridge] application, which will synchronise the data with your ERP system. You may also choose a scenario in which warehouse management is done entirely through your own ERP system.


Profitability control

IdoSell can calculate the profitability of your sales. Based on what you paid for goods and the prices at which you sell them, the system will calculate and suggest suitable margins. This will help you create more profitable pricing strategies without the need for long, complicated calculations.