Inventory control in IdoSell

IdoSell inventory management is fully automated and provides all the information necessary to manage dozens of warehouses and thousands of goods.

Up-to-date inventories give your customers a sense of security and increase their confidence in your online shop With comprehensive customer service:

  • You will not sell an item which is not available in your offer, and as a result, your reputation will not be damaged
  • You will not offer quick delivery for an item that has to be brought in from a supplier
  • You will not offer shoes or clothing in a size which has never been produced
  • You will allow customers to check when a particular item or size will be available again
  • You will prevent situations in which you do not offer items that are otherwise available for sale

Multiple-warehouse support and managing rights to those warehouses
In IdoSell, you can have multiple warehouses at the same time and manage them from one place. This will help you to quickly and effectively transfer goods from one warehouse to another, if needed. In addition, you can freely configure the rights to your warehouses and assign them to your employees. You will be able to see a history of all tasks that your employees perform.

Inventories, available inventories and reservations
Inventory management is based on inventories, but with the reservation and available inventory system you will never sell your very last item to two different customers. This way, you will avoid costly mistakes, and your customers will access an offer that is always up-to-date.

Group editing of goods, size and weight support (SKU)
Group item management — automatically sets all product qualities at the highest level. Support for sizes, options, attributes and all units of measurement.

Supplier management
Managing suppliers and the deliveries taken from them. By assigning a supplier to every item, you can control purchase prices every time you take a delivery.

Inventory documents together with their templates and registry of inventory documents
All inventory documents required for efficient inventory management and handling of sales.

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