Stock management in the - it's easy!

STOCK module available in the panel can be used for comprehensive stock quantities management. Sub-modules allow to manage supplies, correct stock quantities or take stock.

Using the STOCK module is much more accurate than entering stock quantities manually from product edition function. Above all, order in documentation can be kept. Adding products by means of Supplies function allows to calculate also the product sales prime cost. In addition, when customer reports a complaint, you can recreate the entire way the product has come to from supply, stock and to customer.

This function separation is tied to standardization and dividing processes linked directly to products from obtaining until selling them.

Each operation performed on product is saved. Also information about person (shop employee), who performed those operations, is saved. STOCK module can serve as both product manager and employee control tool. Every information is always stored, so you can keep track of things.

After adding appropriate document, it will have Open status. Unclosed document can be edited - you can add products to it or change their prices. Closing the document means that it cannot be further edited, because the system thinks, that all operations are finished and the document - complete, so it cannot be open again.

Until closing the document, it will not have a number assigned to it. It is caused by reasons described above - unclosed documents can be edited or even deleted. Assigning a number after closing such document ensures proper numeration and order in it. Number is assigned automatically.

After document creation add products to it, using the search tool or importing them from CSV file. Closing this document also saves information about person, who does this.

Unclosed documents can be edited or deleted. Closed documents can be only read, using the preview function. They can be also printed, if there is a printer icon next to them on the list. If there is non such icon, it means, that it has not been closed.

What is Advance Sale Stock?

Advance Sale Stock is virtual stock, which allows to sell products, that de facto are not present in any of your stocks, but you are 100% sure, that they will arrive to your store.