Profitability control in IdoSell

Sales profitability control in an online shop can be problematic because of the large amount of data that needs to be analysed. Using IdoSell, you can save the purchase prices and the system will control the profitability based on sales. This will help you freely analyse the margin for the selected goods, categories and manufacturers.

With up-to-date information about sales and their profitability, you will be able to apply an appropriate pricing policy.

  • Control of the cost of goods sold and purchase prices

The specified purchase prices of goods are registered every time you take a delivery. Together with sales prices, you can easily learn about margins.

  • Warehouse history of each item and control of goods that have changed

Historical data shows price levels throughout a given period.

  • Analysis and list of goods sold or returned

You can generate simple and advanced reports. Use the Management report, which stores all key data in one place with a division into pages and warehouses.

Using reports about the number of visits to your pages and orders placed via them, you can easily identify how visits translate into sales.