Stock revision (GRN/GDN documents)

In IdoSell we treat stock management seriously. We know how important is to conduct effective sales based on an advanced stock management mechanisms and to have a full stock documentation.

As pointed out by Paweł Fornalski, IdoSell CEO: If not by manual updates, how to organize stock management? First of all, you should not think in terms of a product list. Stock level of a given product equals a difference between what has been accepted to the warehouse and what came out of it. It is a very simple formula for correct stock levels. The focus should be on the incomings and outgoings from the stock system and precisely sealing those places - thanks to that, the stock level will always be correct.

When conducting online sales you may need to perform a stock revision. The module Stocks revision (GRN/GDN) is a developed tool available directly in your administration panel.

When the stock revision module may be useful?

Imagine the following situation:

Anna, the owner of an online clothing shop, by using a document of warehouse incomings (PZ) accepts 20 of men's shirts to the warehouse. During the delivery, it turns out that the supplier has sent 18 shirts instead of the planned 20. It leads to a situation in which Anna has to deal with the discrepancy between the document and the actual delivery. In this case, the ideal solution is to use the stock revision module.


Stock revision documents can be divided into two groups:

GRN - warehouse incomings (increasing stock levels)

GDN - warehouse outgoings (reducing stock levels)

Stock revision (GRN/GDN documents) in the administration panel:

Stocks revision (GRN/GDN) can be found in the WAREHOUSE section.

Stocks revision options in the administration panel:

An RX document in an editable version:

Document edition has many useful options, including a changes history and a list of products included in the document.

How to perform printed documents configuration?

In MODERATION / Printed documents, you can edit templates of stock documents, including, for example, GRN/GDN documents.