Deliveries in my store - how to manage them?

Handling sales operations, you are inseparably tied to product delivery process - including delivery management and keeping proper documentation of the entire process. Deliveries function has been created to facilitate all these operations.

It allows to register and easily keep order in stock inventory. It is also implemented with mechanism of saving purchase unit prices, keeping control over margin value and incomes obtained from selling products.

Keeping proper books concerning stock management gives you full control over sales process - you can i.e. check whether products from indicated delivery have been sold or how many of them - returned to store because of their flaws.

Technical remark:

Using the STOCK module is more accurate than managing them from product edition level or updating stock quantities wit .csv files. Documentation order can be always kept, because of using only one method of keeping stocks.

Adding products by use of Deliveries section allows to set margin calculation method, perform Stocktaking operation or set proper display of price on product card.

In addition - when it comes to complaint - you can determine what was the exact route the product came - from indicated delivery to the moment it was returned to you by the customer.


Goods Received Note (GRN) - document that confirms purchasing products from suppliers and confirms its introduction to stock.

  • Products available in advance sales - products accepted with this options set to yes will be available in store, even though delivery is currently en route. This stock handling method allows to decrease costs of keeping stocks of products ready to be sold. It is recommended, when you have dependable source of supplies, can order product at any moment and you are sure, that they will reach you in time. You bear no costs of keeping stocks and you have no cash frozen in products, but your supplier can always not sent delivery in time or even at all, so there are both advantages and disadvantages.

Goods Received Note (GRN) - internal - document that allows to change stock quantities, increases stock quantities and does not require you to setup supplier that delivers you products.

Open delivery - document (ready to save) issued to delivery, that has not been yet accepted to stock. Main advantage of setting this status is a possibility of changing all delivery parameters. Delivery edition allows to i.e. add additional products, without necessity of creating a new delivery.

Closed delivery - ready, saved, delivery document accepted to your stock. System automatically sets this status to all closed delivery documents, blocking the possibility of editing them. Impossibility of making any changes grants clear and plain record of what, when, who and which stock.

Why is it worth to use Delivery module?

  • Documentation in order - all delivery documents issued during the process of registering sale and purchase documents are stored in single place. Every employee can analyze them freely, whenever one wants.
  • Finding deliveries, that were a source of flawed product or products, is easy. You can easily check if the rest of delivery has not got the same imperfection.
  • Stock operations record - every stock operation is always introduced to the system by means of special document.
  • Calculating sales own costs - every delivery document can be equipped with additional information about purchase unit price. Such information facilitate all further analysis.
  • Constant control of introduced assortment - every new delivery is registered in system, so you can check their history at any moment.
  • Tracking and complementing lacking products - available in SALES \ Products to put aside, order from suppliers, moved to orders - allows to check which products you lack and quickly order them from your supplier.
  • Group work - every operation can be performed by multiple users. System saves these information in history, so you can easily verify, who and when made changes and what were there.

How to add delivery? - manual


Go to Deliveries (GRN) in STOCK module. Add new delivery. New document will be created. Set adequate options and fill in input fields. These are:

  • Stock receiving delivery - select stock, delivery will be sent to, from drop-down list.
    • Supplier - company that provides you with products. You can manage them in PRODUCTS \ Suppliers.
    • Purchase document type - select document type; it limits the possibility of printing to only one type.
    • Products available in advance sales - determines whether products should be visible before receiving them or no.

When all is set right, you can create delivery document.


In the second step additional fields are added to delivery form:

  • Number and issue date - system number takes form of "another_number/document_type/stock/year".
    • Delivery date:
  1. Unknown - this setting allows you to introduce additional changes to delivery document.
  2. Known (delivery on the way) - setting this status allows to enter planned date of receiving delivery. This date is also visible in your store and it informs you customers about number of days, the product will be available again in.

Until the document is not closed, you can modify it. These changes can affect all entries made during document creation.

There are three buttons in delivery document creation form:

  • Save changes in purchase document - all changes need to be confirmed by clicking this button.
    • Create new document - allows to create new document.
    • Close delivery document - closing document means receiving and accepting delivery.

If you are dealing with products with sizes, they will be added to document one at a time - you need to add i.e. S Size first and click on Create new size button next. If you select the same size again, its quantity will be added to earlier-one.


Add products to document in the third step.

You can add product in following ways:

  • Manually - enter product ID or code manually. If product has sizes assigned, you need to add size codes: Product_id-size_code.
    • Using search tool - if you do not know product name or code, use the search tool implemented in panel.
    • Using barcode reader - click on product code field and scan product barcode.
    • Using a data collector – apart from a device, IAI Scanner application is also needed. It enables creating a supply document and scanning product codes connected with the document.

  • CSV file - you can add products from supplied CSV file. To be accepted by the system, the file should contain at least the first of three columns mentioned below (two additional are optional):
    • Product code column in Product_id-size_code format. You can also use the external system codes that indicate products directly. If you do not enter product size next to Product_id, it will be added in universal size.
    • Second column, separated with a comma, indicates product quantity. If empty, system will add one item.
    • Third column allows to add purchase price for particular product. Character separating fraction part can be both comma and dot.

If you are using applications supporting the .csv format (i.e. MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc), you maybe came across a situation in which every cell is surrounded with quotation marks. It is acceptable, but not necessary. System accepts files without the quotes. Sufficient is, when you use semicolons to separate columns. We use the UTF-8 charset in our system.

Here is sample content of such CSV file:







Always remember about closing delivery after receiving and accepting it, because it allows you to control your stocks better.

Technical remark:
Products added by means of delivery document can be available in your store even after 10 minutes.