Exporting inventory and sales documents generated in IdoSell to EDI++ (EPP) format

Using IdoSell, you can export documents to EDI++ (EPP) format. This will allow you to securely send the documents to an accountancy office, where your data will be imported to their system.

Using IdoSell, you can export documents to the universal EDI++ (EPP) format. This will allow you to quickly and securely send the documents to a central office, department or accountancy office.

EDI++ (EPP) Advantages

  • A market-standard universal format that allows you to import accounting events to practically all inventory and sales software
  • Easy to read and edit: using this format, you can modify items with your own software before importing them to third-party inventory and sales software
  • Useful for sending your documents to other entities; it is widely accepted by accountancy offices
  • Ability to use IdoSell inventory management without purchasing and deploying IAI Bridge; send document data to an accountancy office inexpensively and securely

Which documents generated in the IdoSell system can be exported?

  • Sales documents
    • Data regarding partners and goods
    • Sales invoices and adjustments
    • Advance-payment invoices and final invoices
    • Fiscal receipts
  • Inventory documents
    • External deliveries or internal deliveries
    • External releases or internal releases
    • Transfers between the company's own warehouses
    • Returns
  • Cash register and bank documents:
    • Cash deposit
    • Cash withdrawal
    • Bank deposit
    • Bank withdrawal

Manual or automatic data downloading

  • Manual downloading
    • You can download data directly from your panel with only one click. After you locate the documents you need, choose the "export data to EPP" option. For more information, see the following detailed instructions
  • Automatic downloading
    • With a dedicated API gateway, you can easily automate the process of downloading data. Based on the gateway, you can create applications and scripts that automatically send information to your accountants office or enable retrieval of the required data. For more information about this method, see the [/uk/shop/api/?action=documentation&function=eppdocuments API-EppDocuments].