We would like to welcome you, our new IdoSell Shop client

We are very pleased that you have decided to order the IdoSell Shop for your company. In the welcoming e-mail you received access data to the administration panel (Panel address, login and password). Below you can find further basic information.


Administration panel is almost empty and does not contain any information. You will complement these information on your own by using the tools that we provide you with. Please carefully check the ADMINISTRATION tab, complement the company details and create additional accounts for your employees who will also work in the Panel.

At the stage of implementation we act in accordance with the Installation Procedure.


If you have problems signing in to the Panel, which makes adding tickets not possible, please send an e-mail to the admin@iai-sa.com address. This address is always helpful, especially if you will not be able to use our hotline or Ticketing system.

If you have any problems with using the IdoSell.com service or experiencing any post-installation problems, please refer to the forms of provided technical support, which are described on the Total Support page. Please note that this page also contains information about proposal of training in using the IdoSell.com, performed in one of the convenient forms for our customers. 3 icons of communication system are available on the main page of the Administration Panel.

First aid can be also obtained by reviewing the FAQ's concerning the various options available in the administration panel (available at the IdoSell.com webpage). To receive immediate assistance, please call our helpline.

We also remind of the need of reading the IAI-News, which inform about the most important changes, plans and all the things that are happening in IAI.


If you have not already done so, please print the agreement for the payment by transfer (CL3 form), that came before the installation procedure, and deliver it within 7 days.
The agreement form (CL3) can be always found at page concerning the IdoSell.com agreement confirmation.

Check before sending the signed agreement:

  1. If each page is signed.
  2. If you have attached to the agreement a copy of following documents:
    1. A copy of a company registration document,
    2. A copy of VAT number or EU VAT number certificate.

Registration documents of our company can be found at Company documents webpage.


According to the concluded agreement, your current minimum balance is 0 EUR/GBP. This means that the IdoSell.com works exactly as other pre-paid systems. Please, always monitor your balance. You can do this via Administration Panel - REPORTS & FINANCES \ Settlement with IAI S.A. Through this section you can check your balance or pay outstanding invoices at any time.

Invoices for the IdoSell.com service can be downloaded by signing in into the Administration Panel and going to the REPORTS & FINANCES tab, to the Settlement with IAI S.A. subpage. The invoice should be approved after ensuring that it has been issued correctly. Once approved, a duplicate will appear in PDF format, which can be printed. In your Administration Panel only one paid invoice can be found - the one for the installation of the store.

Further invoices will appear on the same page. Please monitor the status of your payments and balance, because exceeding the maturity date will result in blocking the store and even its removal.
If you were not allowed to have a debt limit, remember to regularly check the status of your balance, from which various services are paid, such as maintenance works, sending an SMS or others. So check your balance regularly not to achieve the level 0, and thus temporarily disabling the shop operations.


To purchase new domains - such as YourCompany.com - use a website of one of the companies offering such services. To delegate bought address or already owned domain, you need to - when registering a domain or changing its delegation (if the domain is already reserved) - enter:

Primary DNS: dns1.iai-system.com
Secondary DNS: dns2.iai-system.com

After the reservation or change of the domain delegation, please visit the ADMINISTRATION module \ Domain, SSL, redirects and system services management and add the domain to correctly operate your store.

More information about domains, you will find on "Domains - how to install them?".


To make start easy to you, we have prepared IdoSell Shop user guide, which will guide you through the setup process of a new and fresh administration panel, and will help you in configuring it properly.