IdoSell implements various designs which go beyond ready-to-use, predefined offers

You will find 4 paid implementation packages in our offer. We created them having in mind 90% of shops we implement. Therefore, even relatively small budget can be effectively used. BESPOKE OFFER goes beyond the SUPREME package and its price depends on the scope of work agreed with each client individually. If you are planning non-standard integrations or you require individual changes of our system, use BESPOKE OFFER.


Check out examples of BESPOKE implementations

Having in mind customers who expect more advanced solutions in visual and technological aspects, we offer individually created implementation packages which budget, time and work scope are set individually. In comparison with the predefined SUPREME package you can:

  • Reserve more than 160 work hours of the IdoSell team
  • Integrate with non-standard ERP what includes creating data transfer and implementing unusual solutions in e.g. B2B
  • Ask for writing additional software which will, e.g. process required by you data or integrate with a service which is not standardly integrated with IdoSell
  • Ask for maintaining the complete form of the shop you already possess - you can do it even if it was supported by a different solution
  • Introduce individual changes to the IdoSell system, including its API
  • Organise a training in your HQ or a company's branches, e.g. training from API usage

BESPOKE OFFERS do not have a set price. Their scope is agreed with you. After the analysis of the stages of your implementation and work load, before placing the order, you will receive a detailed calculation and work schedule. When making the calculation we keep attractive hour rates and ensure Project Management. Due to this unique offer you can receive an online shop or a wholesale store at a cost lower than when writing your own system. IdoSell is cheaper and faster and you will avoid the permanent testing period of your system which will have to be refined for years.