Report of auction sales

Detailed information on auction orders are as important as orders from on-line store. In the you get multiple tools to check sales reports from all sources.
  • Manager Report

By means of this tool you can check - among other things - how does the auction sales go and how does it look in comparison to on-line store sales. Multiple additional functions allow to focus on improving sales.

  • Payments

Useful report that divides data on basis of payment methods. Allows to separate products values, additional payments or payments for deliveries.

  • Analysis and a list of sold goods

Comfortable access to information on products sold on auctions. You can also analyze customers purchasing selected products and margins for orders.

  • Conversion and cost-effectiveness analysis

Report that includes - among others - number of handled and unsuccessful orders, margins for specified period or costs bore by the store.

Tools mentioned above are usually used as basic sales report in on-line store, but can be easily adapted to analyze auction sites sales.