IdoSell integration with eBay listings

eBay is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world which brings together the largest number of buyers and sellers. IdoSell allows you to integrate your shop with a chosen eBay service. It means you can create listings directly in the administration panel or download them directly to your shop.


With eBay integration you can:

  • Get extensive listing creation options

You can create listings with a fixed price or the Best Offer option. You can plan when they start and choose if you want to renew them. You can perform all these operations for groups of products or use settings profiles. You can also create variation listings.

  • Present your offer in eBay

You can add any number of listing templates and automatically add a watermark to you photos and miniatures. Integration tools allow you to assign a listing to two different eBay Store categories and to create listings with special presentation upgrades (including bolded text, framing, coloured highlighting and Gallery Plus).

  • Handle eBay auctions

Just like in case of integrations for other marketplaces, you can handle your listings on eBay through the shop panel. This means you can use predefined payment and delivery options, reserve a specified quantity of items and maintain full compatibility with your store inventory management.

  • Automatically allocate PayPal payments

If you have a business PayPal account, you can use the Instant Payment Notification (IPN) option. This enables you to automatically allocate PayPal payments into your administration panel.

  • Remain assured that IdoSell is perfectly compatible with the eBay item listing system

IdoSell fulfills the rigorous eBay requirements and has received the Compatible Application Check certificate. IdoSell is now on the list of official partners and supported applications. As a consequence, you will have unlimited access to solutions offered by eBay. Previously, access was limited due to API call limits, which prevented sellers from utilizing the whole potential of the marketplace.

More information about the Compatible Application Check can be found here.

  • All these options are available to all eBay services handled by IdoSell.


We invite you to learn more about the new online auction shop function. The auction shop is an innovative method of improving sales made through online listings. It combines the functionality of IdoSell and a range of very popular online services such as eBay or Allegro and smoothly redirects a customer of your shop to make a purchase through listings.