Frequently asked questions about handling eBay auctions

Frequently asked questions about handling eBay auctions.

How to create a listing in eBay?

Online auctions, due to their enormous popularity, give you the possibility to increase the turnover of your shop. By using auction tools, you receive the access to auction services from your IdoSell administration panel. It gives you the possibility of more effective use of this form of conducting sale. However, before you put any product up for auction, you have to register in a given service. If you already have such account, you simply have to perform a proper configuration of shop application.

Putting products up for auctions should begin from configuring accounts in MARKETING / Internet auctions configuration. After adding at least one aution service account to the system, on the list of products, in a Shop coulumn, a logo of a given service will appear. Clicking on it will take you to further steps of putting products up for auction.

For ensuring comfort and time-saving, it is advisable to design grapic layouts for auctions. You can do it in MODERATION / Auction templates. Of course you can also commision it to our Graphics Department via the ticketing system.

Step 1

Here you need to configure some basic settings:

  • Auction settings - you need to indicate an account which you would like to use for putting auctions up. Only active account are available to choose from - the status of accounts can be checked in MARKETING / Internet auctions configuration. Next, you choose a proper listing format, so decide whether it should include bidding.
    • Product configuration - here you need to indicate the size of a product we put up for an auction
    • Choose category - this fragment of the form is used to determine the category to which a product belongs. After choosing a main category, you should also indicate subcategories. The system will automatically suggest to which category in your shop should the product be assigned.
    • Stock level management model - you have the possibility to reserve a given number of products put up for an auction
    • Setting reservation to YES - it is about reserving a given number of product pieces in stock. All reserved pieces are blocked in a shop and can be bought on an auction only.
    • Settings to NO - products put up in this way are not blocked. They can be bought in a shop and on an auction.
    • Choosing layout - if you have added any auction templates, here you can choose one of them

jeżeli dodałeś do systemu jakieś szablony aukcji, możesz w tym miejscu wybrać jeden z nich.

  • Attention: To put an auction up without bidding, you have to have at least 10 positive comments

Step 2

Category - choose categories which describe your product most accurately

Taking care of a category tree being up-to-date - since an eBay category tree is changing so often that IdoSell specialists would not manage to download the newest versions, we have decided that a user will have the influence on their up-to-dateness. It works like this:

  • During the process of choosing eBay categories a button Out-of-date appears which enables a user to choose a category level which he/she considers to be out-of-date.
    • A demanded level and its subcategories are deleted from the system.
    • After refreshing the site, new ones are downloaded

Why sometimes the customer phone number or e-mail address fields are blank in the view of order placed on eBay auction site?

It happens, because a customer - during configuration process of his account at eBay auction site - has restricted an access to these data. eBay does not transfer them to the administration panel, so these fields are left blank in the order view, because there are no data to display.

How to transmit product condition to eBay?

Parameter "condition" is transmitted through [/design/functions/parameters.phtml#toc2 the special context].
It can have following values:

New -> New ("New with packaging" for shoe categories)

Used -> Used (does not apply to video games)

Refurbished by a producer -> Refurbished (does not apply to video games and shoe categories)

Refurbished by a seller -> Refurbished (does not apply to video games and shoe categories)

For parts or not working -> For parts or not working (does not apply to video games and shoe categories)

How does a Gallery Plus option work for eBay?

Gallery Plus enables you to place a larger photo on a list of eBay auctions. In the IdoSell administration panel, this option is used to decide how many photos should be placed on an auction. If in an auction profile settings an option GalleryPlus is chosen, then all photos from a product card will be transmitted to eBay.

Attention Before listing many photos, please get familiar with the rules visible on Photos in auction services

How to list an GTC auction thanks to settings profiles?

GTC auction (Good 'Till Canceled) is an auction which has no specific end date. It means that it will last as long as the seller wants it. To list such auction through settings profiles, you have to choose the duration: The longest available for this category (if possible: indefinite)

In categories in which there is no possibility of listing GTC auctions, the system will list it for the longest period available.

Does IdoSell supports eBay rate tables?

If this option is launched in the seller's account, auctions listed from the administration panel will have the active calculation of delivery costs on the basis of rate tables. More information on: eBay rate tables

Does the modification of settings profiles influence the settings of rate tables and other way round?

Both settings profiles and rate tables are used for calculating delivery costs, but they constitute mechanisms working separately.

  • On the basis of settings profiles and mapping courier services a default delivery cost, with which a product is listed, is set
    • On the basis of rate tables to the costs configured in delivery profiles, suitable costs depending on delivery destination are added.